Sunday, February 14, 2016

feb 14 2016
i am literally afraid of the cold..
all those people who run to florida are looking more and more sensable

but i do have a snow suit-- left over from all those santa jobs we did 100 years ago..
i don;t even want to remember those--- it was cold..
i /we were so bundled up  in a pile of hay once on a santa job- 
that they called the police thinking we were homeless-
i was up all night worrying about enough heat in the various dog houses
luckily we did not loose power...
we have alot of people here at the moment
cp's jody and ajay   -- plus grace and pam-  and  cindy + husband  who are applying.
.the overnight person didn't get here.. 
so the pups are camped out in the"dorm" and big dogs in the house..
that does work  because we can watch them on camera--
we do have emergency lights that are to come on if the tmp drops below 55 degrees
but last night, the generic light was not left on to indicate there was electricity in the building in the first place...
i am assuming since the house elect did not fail -- that the nutt and deqagle houses are live.
and i know that could be an assumption... if a breaker trips.

pam did go out about midnight and they were fine....  not toasty... but fine.
we might light the wood stoves there today...
thanks to the cp's we have a good  wood/coal stove in the deagle house too..
apparently a japanese film crew is due here today at 9am to film george's relatives etc
i suppose ---to be accurate it is no longer a film crew but  digiters here to digit george's relatives...
it is going to  be a thankless job in this weather...
i thought we would have to be in the training room--unless they can figure out a shot in here
it would be alot easier i here---- i.e. warmer....
maybe  if we shift furnature --- we could stay here...
which would also be  "on camera"
i am remembering cameras that were 3 foot long with lights 4' around
in this new modern world probably the camera is on someone's wrist.
i can remember flying  a speial slow motion camera from LA strapped 
in a first class seat and flown back the same day...
cindys husband  got the whipped cream maker  making whipped cream
wow...  now to try maple flavored whipped cream--- which is  the concept of how this all got started...
margaret came up with an  odd one... she discovered the pups were uneasy going out in the dark...
they re in the light most of the time...
 either that or it was after their bedtime and could see no reason to be out walking around.
i tried the 5 x suduko puzzles and got one done...---- it isn't that hard.. but looks impressive
the more i think about it.. the better i like digiting here
time to take down the ^&*()&% behind the couch-- 
that could be a good interviewing place...right opposite the fireplace !!

and it will  be on  explore camera too.

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