Monday, February 15, 2016

feb 15 2016
with ajay and jody gone, we are on our own again---- they certainly do fill in the gaps..
i am already looking t the calendar wondering who is coming here next to work....
because i don't intend to leave the fireplace til wednesday -- when it is supposed to be 50 degrees...

charlie was noisy last night -- and pam had to go get him from the barn at 9pm... in the dark and cold..bless her---i stayed awake til she reported  she was back in hte house..
charlie being a tyoicall servce dog is used to people with him all the time-
 so he figured he got left  in the kennel by mistake-- and barked.

meanwhile voo and cindy are getting to know each other--- so far it seems to be a good  idea.....voo needs much more work... but will come along..
the film crew( 3 of them) were very nice-- but everything takes so much longer when the director does not speak english..
it  was amazing to them, the way we train the dogs... in japan.... they are more military type-- march in circles- and bark commands...  the concept of having the dogs respond to normal conversation with only a few "buzz words" was totally foreign to them-- the concept of "every time you handle a dog you are training it"   was new to them.  for a while they kept asking "when do you train?" and i kept saying "we are"-- and they were lost for awhile.

Unfortunately  they were most confused when smiley took a 5 pups and the crew  to the barn.. and let them run along with her -- as she would normally do-- she let them play while she talked to the crew-- i was watching on the puppy hill camera-- it was cold-- and i thought they really ought to get in the barn without standing in the cold talking-- finally i went down in the golf cart to move them into the barn-- smiley  just turned and said "come on guys" and they all fell in line running after her to the barn... perfectly trained-- that really confused the japanese people....... we went into the arena and the crew looked relieved and said  "oh  this is where you train them'" ----then as  smiley "played with them"  getting the group of 5 pups to go up and down stairs and ramps in definite "play" mode - she asked again "when will she start training them' -- never realizing as they ran up and down teh stairs ( stairs which had no back on the steps) that in fact smailey was teaching a lifetime skill.  they couldn't believe it.---
i tried to explain that these agility exercises taught the pups what to do with the big body they wouold all then ave eventually.  i have seen many danes sort of afraid to move because they have not played enoguh as a pup.. i think we have all seen alot of kids like that too. 
the concept of micromanaging  a dog demands different  skills, but these danes are not robotic--  it is much more civil.

today the crew will be at bella's--
i am told 41 people got stuck on an overhead tram at cannon mountain and had to be taken out by sled in zero degree weather...-

remind me---- along with riding in a cruise ship,,,,tram riding  is one more thing not to do.

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