Tuesday, February 16, 2016

feb 16 2016
another pet peeve time...  i am doing pretty well  with the "answer the question- don't give me  related stories "
i am about to try and get rid of  another bit of sloppy living.... the tardy bit....
favorite story-- a newly graduated college student-- racing to catch a plane was heard to say "i was only 2 minutes late"  and a bystander said "wow--- that is a wasted $250,000 education"

there are a few very basic rules in the working world- the very simplest way to impress a boss.. is to be 15 minutes early for a job- "with pencil sharpened"    i drummed this idea into both my children.
at one point,  my second  job was running animal episodes- which provided animals for print ads/movies/tv  etc-- animals in advertising is often a thankless job-- if a filming is going badly the director ALWAYS says  the problem was the animals--- or often --- the child...-- my entire busiiness of  ?30 years? rested on my reputation-- which i heard said once--"you want mice?  she will show up 30 minutes early  ready to go with a bunch of mice. " 

 If you are hired for a job  from 9 to 5 - why on earth do you think that means punch the clock  then go get coffee and stand around for 30 minutes talking about last night's events  at a beer joint.   if you are paid from 9-- that means you should be ready to be productive for your employer at 8:55.    that is closely related to  sitting by the punch clock at 4:55 so the minute it turns to 5:00 you can punch out.
to me..... that  looks absolutely foolish......and to me --- it is an alarm.....

what's the big deal about a few minutes? - to arrive  a few minutes late  on the job and say "i hit red lights" 
says to me... "you couldn't get out a few minutes earlier just so you would nt be late?"
Being late is self imposed stress-----if you give yourself an extra 15-20 minutes  , then you are not trying to beat a red light-- or get into traffic a few cars ahead-driving too fast.  and you have to arrive for your job in a better mental state than rushing about and sliding in at the last minute.   that is a stress on the job  that is 100% avoidable...

as an employer-- if  person "A"   is constantly  just a few minutes late    and can't wait to leave at 4:58,  the last thing this person wants to do is work for my company... that will wash over into general performance every time... so i better start looking for  person "B".
that is just how it is....
so back to the dogs
and my mattress problems  --- you all must be tired of my mattress discussions... 
i wish  i had a big barker bed to fit my bed... today i just might try and call mr barker.
last night it was so bad that i had grace come and feel teh 4"  foam i bought at costco
you could pound on it like a board... not soft at all...  extremely wierd... but hard as a rock
well, maybe a soft rock.. but hard.

first job today is to get it off my bed and cut it into matts for the dogs on the kuranda beds.
 long phone call taking  my time-- running
Now I lay me down to nap 
On this comfy, cozy wrap.
If hunger wakes me far too soon
Someone come with can and spoon.
I DO NOT KNOW OF A HAPPIER DOG THAN GEORGE.  film crew due back here 10 am-- they can' believe how we train///

Neurology Now magazine February/March issue mentions an SDP dog "Calamity Jane".  Article starts on page 46,  SDP is mentioned on page 54. Not a regular on the chat but wanted to let you know.  Just got my copy of the mag in the mail today and saw SDP reference and it clicked that I watch your cams! BEST WISHES!

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  1. Here is a link to the article. Not sure if it is the full piece, but it has the important part.