Sunday, February 21, 2016

feb 21 2016
83 cakes reported ( so far)  late arrivals---  indiana

the missing states......alabama  hawaii  kansas  kentucky  louisiana minnesota   mississippi 
montana  nevada  new mexico   oklahoma  rhode island    south dakota utah  vermont w.virginia wyoming  --

  hey-----  some of those states have  our  service dogs in them....  i hope you aren't too busy to pass a little good humor forward .....that would be awful !!!

here is a perfect cake day story
Hi Linda,
Thought I would share:
On Wednesday I went to my local grocery store (not a Cosco member) to order cake for today.  I was met by a grump lady who just wanted to take my order and get it over with.  (I just think she was very over worked and under paid).  I told her I needed a spectacular cake and told her I was delivering to a Fire House on the 19th and proceeded to tell her the story and all about SDP.  By the time she was finished writing up the order she was smiling ear to ear! (:  I asked her to put a lot of love into making that cake and that she did!
I picked up the cake . . . . it was Spectacular Chocolate and White cake decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries (just like I asked) with chocolate writing and some white and chocolate wafers.  I left telling her how much I loved it and what a great job she did.  A lot of love went into that cake♥

Delivered cake to fire house and was not invited in but all the guys came out with great big smiles and big WOWs and thank-yous. 
Sure wish I had taken a picture of that cake . . . . oh well, next time.
Happy 19th of the Month!
speaking of overworked and underpaid....  having cp's here "on vacation" is  a huge help..  keep in mind this is not  spa where you can lie around and bask in the sun...  but crawl around in unlikely situations amid our happy tails department..

the pups are coming along well according to kati and megan...  that will be the next job... going thru the applications and see who might match..i wish i had thought earlier-- but when you come here for an initial visit, i wish you would bring a photograph with your name on it.... so i could put that with your application  and remember who is which easier..  don't send the pictures with  the application... bring them... then that is a way of telling quickly who has been here too...-- so if you have been here... it would be a good idea to send a photo with your name on it...
i had a phone call from a delightful woman yesterday -- i hope she shows up today---it was one of those conversations which just got on a roll-- it happens every once in a while...
i was not accustomed to picking up strange men in bars- but one day - can't remember the reason- i sat down next to a man- i had never seen before.. and he asked "did  you see bill get in his car?" and i quickly responded " no he went with charlie"-- for the next 5 minutes  the conversation went like that -- i really had to pay attention-  to respond with perfectly normal conversation that sounded like we knew each other. '" i have to get joe in to replace that window ".... "how is joe's kid  with the broken arm?" --- "he never shoud have ridden his bike off that cliff"----    it went on and  on...  just fun conversation- totally without any "I"  or "YOU"  in it--- we were both on the same wave legnth.  it happens... not often... 
slightly related--these phone cameras-  are a godsend in some situations--  but just because i am in a store with a service dog, does not mean i am fascinated with 48 pictures of your dog--- which is cute-- "you have to see  my fluffy sitting in the chair" --- when the phone gives you  the ability to scroll thru dozens of pictures looking for one picture-- while  living thru side remarks about dozens of others "oh here is one where fluffy  met another dog on the beach"...   
actually it is good and bad... one of our recipients said  it took her 2 hours to go buy a gallon of milk... a nd another guy said "whata chick magnet"-
whatever... life is different with a dog.

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