Sunday, February 28, 2016

FEB 28 2016
i do not understand how this bit about "
raise the top of the bed 6 inches and you will sleep better--
they show lovely  wedge foam and someone happily sleeping..
so i bought  a craftmatic  bed.. and when i raise the top,
i don't mean i go shooting  off the bottom  but 
 i slowly but inevidibly slide  so my feet hang over.- 
i have noticed with   each breath i slide--
 maybe only  1/16th of an inch... but i hear the slide on the sheets...
keeps me awake...
sometimes when i can not sleep i get all kinds of  strange ideas 
which i then discuss in this daily doggie
unfortunately i didn't have any brainstorms last night.
well... i had one...
i wondered if i could get purina to do some experimenting
with training methods-  specifically our spoon feeding  of young pups. does make a difference--in my opinion...
make that EDUCATION  of young pups.
pam found a picture of me spoon feeding  the litter that included george.
i will try and  "imbed" it here
imbedding doesn't work i will try attaching it
these pups were born 10/2/13  and the picture taken  11/23/13
is there anyone else -- or any other method but ours-
 to get 11 pups at 7 weeks old to sit and  politely wait their turn?

so my next question is... is it just danes... or could you get any other breed to do it..
and that is where purina comes in.   i should write to them---
that picture kind of says it all.
write that letter
one more thing to do in front of a warm fire... 
like last night's fireside chat/mail call......
  with me  literally in front of the fire.
i am sorry to announce
 those @#$%^&*() snyder honey mustard/onion pretzel
pieces are addictive.
how bad is it?  joyce and i got going on them yesterday,
 and i had to go to the market especially for them
well-- and pam's  hazelnut coffee mate.
gwen--- daughter gwen-- is due here tomorrow--
she has moved to a hillside in north carolina.
after she moved there , she found they do n't have lobsters
like we do-- so  i need to find a bunch of lobsters for 
dinner tomorrow--
 which will happen in the vicinity of mail call...
i hope i have attached the artilcle from the ipswich magazine
well ----that didn't work   so i will try and send it separately
and so it goes...

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  1. I took your idea of the spoon feeding my dogs and it works pretty well. I do still have to work on the Basset hound not trying to swallow the whole spoon.

    I have an awesome almost 14-year-old lab/shepherd who has developed vestibular syndrome. He staggers some but that has improved. I think it makes him dizzy to try to move his head up and down to eat the dry food so I have started feeding him canned food with a spoon. It is working really well. I have just found out with elder dogs as well as elder folks (like myself) that we have to find a new normal.

    Peace, Love and Hugs from Bluefield, WV!!

    Sharon F.