Monday, February 29, 2016

feb 29 2016
when i was a kid, my mother made us very aware of the tides.. a screwyballed thing to do... but i can remembeer lookng it up in the newspaper and being very proud to know ahead of time if the  ferry on the river ( hudson in ny)   was going to be uphill or down.  it was maybe the only time i ever read the newspaper. but it did establish  the news as a source of information...( that was back when they had editors who checked the validity of stories...)
i wondered if the students in  ipswich or danvers even knew the tides went in and out just like a newspaper predicts...-----and then we get kids  from middle america who have heard of tides but have no idea the significant amt of water sloshing about out there.  and who figured out the moon was involved????
so yesterday we had alot of people here for stew--alot.... it was a 50 degree day..
i took cindy out with ava... what a nice dog ava is...  cindy ended up walking further than i could-- so i sat and watched at the mall... they did well..
she is coming back friday- and will work with kati on sat and steve on sunday.. then if she needs megan  she can ride back and forth meatcutteer steve lives in that area... 
the portable shatting project has been turned over to the keychain family  from conn...  the way i figure it  is...
if a school had a fundraising "fair" or "fest  where there are tables of stuff... they could set up a video -- teh video is of chickens-- and puppies  to attract attention - a poster to explain the numbers and the chickens--the video runs for about 25 minutes and then the hen makes her choice and the new member of the shatupon society is announced....
they have  a son in highschool who needed a project...  screwy as it sounds... it could catch on.. don't laugh... pet rocks did..
at the moment it is complimentary-- but we cold mass produce those things and sell them.
each one with a different winner.  i sent one to stedmans   colorado.  ?did you get it yet??
one of these days/weeks/months... i am going to sit down and try and understand facebook.-- there are soo many things i have studied in the past which kids today do not comprehend-- like carbon paper-  steve
 mentioned that at mail call-  but it is just one of many things just  gone.
times change  or figits past us..
i can remember men wandering around a supermarket -- lost and afraid- unable to comprehend why their wives had sent them to this environment which was second only to a woman's hair dressing place ..the men just could not bring themselves to push a shopping cart-- and grabbed one item and ran for the checkout.

i have to admit -- they are treated much better/ more normally..  than a woman in home depot.  there are times  in home depot- particularly around the lumber / contractor department where the jolly joe's behind the counter need to have a lesson in baking cookies-- just to square it up...
which brings to mind the new "pot washing " ..faucet at the sink.. i bought one at home depot for $150.00 ( the only one thay had)... and ordered a second one from a restaurant supply place for $250..  the home depot one is working fine... i am told the one in the barn is not as simple to use..
i need to go look..   they work very well...   
something about mental blocks.