Friday, February 5, 2016

feb 5 2016
oh boy do we have texas toast !!! 
not only a full case, but 2 other packages at mail call had texas toast in them........ so i am all set for a while  !
as a matter of fact.. we are all set with all the basic necessities for a bit--- the overflow room  overfloweth ... so lets go back on the  "send the postage instead" mode.... we need envelopes with the $12.83 postage instead of boxes where UPS gets the 12.83-----  (and try and  get the chicken bricke sold out-- maybe--- be sure to help all the newcommers find their way to the SHATTING PROJECT  that is critical to our well being...) 
i just got the morning report on the shatting--- wow,,,,,87 to go....  we will make it once again....   bless all of you with your $10.. or  (more than $10  !!!!!  )
now the accident report....
how am i doing? i am not sure i can reespond within  the sdp ruling of  allowing only one complaint a day...
i think i did the ultimate in isometric exercises when i pulled bently out of that elevator...--- THAT IS A STATEMENT ... NOT A COMPLAINT... SO I STILL HAVE ONE COMPALINT TO GO.---

 YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOT UP TO PARR WHEN  INSTEAD OF MOVING YOUR BODY TO THE WINDOW TO SEE IF THE SNOW IS PLOWABLE, YOU CLICK ON TH EPUPPY HILL CAMERA TO  MAKE THAT ASSESSMENT... another statement.... i am getting off pain meds-- i  can't take that stuff forever even if it is only non Rx... so.. here's the daily compaint-  i can not figure out which part of me will complain  about being abused  next.
here's another statement...  i have 2 doctors apt today... neither one on the first floor..i will not take bentley-- it is his 10th day of being quarantined to be sure he didn't bite because of rabies...  ($500 fine or imprisonment or both for violoatin of the order)
being inactive for 10 days is not helping him any either...
jeri and i counted his offspring yesterday... he has had 59 pups-- of which 41 are doing something...  20 are certified sd...  18 are in training to be SD... 3 are held for breeding stocak. a success rate of abotu 70%
trying  to put a positive spin on whatever happens..... it is certainly a lesson for me about what it means to be handicapped---little things are big deals-- quickly turning the door knob can present unusual  problems. and i will not live "life on the first floor"--- i will have to deal somehow.
moving on....
i would love to have an email fom bella's principal about being faced with a 130 pound dog in her school at the start...
From Bella's Mom:
  Today after school I had Bella's conference with her teachers. Her math teacher LOVES George. Last year at the end of the year when Bella took off George's vest she was just about laying on the ground  
with him. She said it is so hard for her not to snuggle up with George during class. I love how she added George's name to the progress report. I was very proud to hear that they are both doing great in school and that they are a "model twosome". How sweet. So far they are both doing great in school. 
Bella thinks she can stay up past her bedtime since school will probably be canceled. I told her she still has to go to bed since it isn't canceled yet! So off to make her turn off her movie!
 Thank you for checking in with us and sharing a comment or family story. We love hearing from our friends.
 Love Bella and George πŸ‘§πŸΆπŸ’• 
technically , i think bella's mom is 32% of the reason george is so successful... she has great logic  "turn off the movie... they didn't call school off yet"..
Hi Carlene,

Pandora is doing great and making a difference here at Frontier.   I have attached a few pictures for you to see her in action.  This is a high school group of students that range from 18 to 21 years of age.   At 21 they max out and will graduate, it's a happy and sad time because there are not a huge number of opportunities for them in NY.   This is one area that has been cut back in the NYS budget.   But for now Pandora loves to go visit and you can see the children just love her.   Pandora has not forgotten any of the training that you gave her, she is in complete control and listens even when she gets excited about seeing the kids.   It's amazing how much she impacts the students just by walking around and letting them pet her.  The teachers say the children can't stop talking about her and are always so happy when they know she is coming in.  Next week we go visit a Kindergarten class and another special ed 1st grade group.     My new office is at the High School so she sees more students than ever before.  She does NOT like being in the hall when the bell rings and it gets crowded.  I can't blame her, the halls are wall to wall teenagers.  So we time our walks through the halls to make sure it's between classes.  Not only does she make a difference in the children's day but all the adults as well.  As soon as everyone knows she's in they come down to visit.  Wish I was that popular!!!!
You and your project are amazing and again I can't thank you enough for giving us an opportunity to be part of something this special.

Will send more pictures soon.

Debbie Gromek and Pandora