Thursday, March 10, 2016

march 10 2016
Nother day , nother dollar ----trying to type this in  “word"   and paste it in the daily doggie…
My sleuthing had got me no where…
 maybe there is a cp somewhere  --- look at that line--- typical-- size of print changed  in the midddle of a word..  MAybe   and i did nothing to make that  happen...

I now have a very nice laptop which I opened myself and carefully entered my name.. email and password… it wasn’t long after that , that it wanted another email— and a pin--- which it said would be quicker at something.  I quit there…
Coming back to this computer… I find I have at least 4 email addresses…which is why it keeps telling me my name is not carlene
And unfortunately sometimes contained messages I wish I had received in a timely fashison..
Let me make this very clear ( as THEYsay) my official email is
  Apparently I am also
 and I don’t know how to look those over
there is the kind of thing that drives me nuts…..  why did tw turn blue… and not the other two
i find that logically offensive.
I tried to call “mac” and they diddled and said I had 781 bugs— which they could fix for$350 ----I believe the bugs… in spite of the bug preventing stuff that is supposed to be on this….    so my next plan is to physical take this thing to the mac store … and stand there until they figure out how to make it better.  They have a genius counter—well I plan to stand in the middle like a dummy and say “ screw the details….just make it work”
Maybe Monday  I will do that….
I met with the wood clearing crew…  he thought a full crew for ½ day could clean up the mess.--- including pull stumps…we are going to have to do something about the footing..
It is to be a parking lot… and I have a feeling the topsoil is going to give us trouble--- it is forest floor  for hundred years… literally
We have an applicant coming today for a final interview so you may see her around…
If many medical miracles are accidental discoveries  .. who was doing what with jellyfish to  discover it would help memory.
  That has to be right up there with massengill douche treating a dog who has been sprayed by a skunk…
Who gets these ideas???
my discovery of the day??  corrections do not match the print of the line
even copy an d paste this print does not match
but hopefully it is readable.

i am working on it....

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  1. I have a Mac also, and I have more trouble trying to use a Window based program in it. You might have better luck starting in a PAGES document, (the Mac version of Word) and then cut and paste into your blog.
    Not sure you know, but you can dictate to your Mac in any program that you would normally type. Just strike the key in the lower left corner 2 times (fn fn) and it will bring up a microphone. Start talking and it types your words.

    If you plan to go to the Apple Store, save time by finding your location and make an appointment for the Genius Bar. Otherwise they will have you make one and come back. You can do it online.
    Good luck.