Tuesday, March 15, 2016

march 15 2016
large day today...
firstly ----clark and caroline are doing beautifully... clarke already sees that she is his path out of kennel living-and is devoted-- travel arraingements have been made for megan to travel with her on her first airplane ride--- if she had  had clark for 6 months , i would not think twice about her tackling the airline industry- but all things considered, i decided ( along with a few other board members who happened to be standing around here) that it would be an appropriate expense of teh fun fund to have megan fly out and back the same day... the description of the fun fund "for those things not necessary but  interesting" clearly fit having megan  fly to ohio and back in one day.  i could not see how caroline could  back clark  between the seats,lie down and then get herself inot the window seat...  was not going to happen...  so megan goes along.

 the second first  thing....  speaking of the  "fun fund"----- the SDP organization-- which includes all the camera people, does not exist for the purpose of anyone raising money for their own personal use...all night i have been  copied and pasted about one of our recipients trying to get people to send her -- or her vet- money for an operation on her dog to cure a  "problem" that she says is genetic yet i have not seen  the "problem" in the 331 dogs i have raised that are related to hers.

let me be very clear........ we have a fun fund which is our way of handling any unusual expences of ours or any of "our" dogs.... we have a board of directors who get to approve or disapprove of expendatures from that fund...  pregnancy ultra sounds-- sending megan somewhere  with a recipient-- or a dog-- ------
----transporting dogs from europe.... we were not made aware that this person was unable to provide for her own dog- which is one of the provisions of having a dog of ours.  if anyone can not care for thier dog , it is to come back here and we will  provide whatever is needed.

we have a very caring group---and  everybody wants to help if there is a  true  emergency..so to avoid any abuse of the system, or the rules of being a  501 C-3 charity---- i heavily suggest money be sent to the sdp fun fund... and if there is a true emergency there are 8 people on the board who can decide if our charity needs to be extended in some situation.  the opinion of the  board over rides any opinion of mine in this kind of situation- which is a protection  against any personal opinions i might have.

and in this case i have plenty.
next problem.... a far lighter one... you all know my extreme interest in trash --- both  books  garbalogy and the trail of trash..  should be mandatory reading for any high school kid... and how the man most important in the life of sdp is the guy who collects our trash-- not the president of the country.
i woke up distinctly remembering what i did with my hearing aids--- yesterday --i got up and  one needed new batteries- which were next to my computer so  i did not put them onn my head, i had them in my hand..  went to the kitchen for coffee- and decided on  one of those beautiful oranges someone sent..
i had to put the hearing aides someplace safe-- so i put them in a new coffee cup and set them aside.  with coffee in one hand and the plate of orange slices in teh other, i left the kitchen.. and all thoughts of my hearing aides  got left in the kitchen with the  new coffee cup-- it was late  afternoon before i realized i was not wearing them.... and by then someone cleaned the kitchen....
so i am afraid............my interest in picking trash got reved up a bit..
they are insured-- so i am willing to go thru yesterdays trash as long as it did not get to the dumpster..
trash in our dumpster is REALLY  trash--in which case teh insurance company  will be contacted.
the kitchen trash is in a clear plastic bag-- which could help this process--
to be continued.
next...... there is a computer guy coming this afternoon to try and figure out why i am allowed to only see the bottom half of anyone's email address-- which eventualy morphs into only seeing the bottom half of anything i type ... like the entire dd  ... on occasion....   and i can not make it happen-- except for the emails....
i will spare you all the copy and paste things i have had from the overnight discussion of money collection...

 on we go