Friday, March 18, 2016

march 18 2016

how on earth did it get to be friday so soon?
biggest event of the day ... is  explore wants to do a live on  facebook filming of  teh crazy acres 3:30 eastern daylight time... with both megan and kati  hosting  ...something abotu some new deal about  live filming on facebook.... seeing as i don't do facebook anyway, teh added complication of live film is too much for my meager tech abilities.  i might sit around in a golf cart with bentley and supervise... he is colorful  sitting there with me.
object being to make it a lively-- i should say visually lively episode--  so my plan is to start spoon feeding  in the arena add  running  with puppies and kati having them og over  the play toys there...  megan talikg about going out with the older ones.... then doing the laundry-- changing a fluffy or two....suppertime ( may be earlier than usual) showing filling the bowls .  then standing for supper at the tables... if we can swap cameras... we might be able to switch to trainer questions  before mail call... with dog draped all over the mail call area.

courtney says it will be simple just push a button on your cell...-- then i asked her how to turn on my cell phone....  but assured her kati and meg could manage....
so that is the  plan...
*** ******
well-  i did not plan on snow.....  depending on her milk bag production..... i figured i would bring in our prego  donkey in the big stall for her to foal-- and just leave  the others out-- which i still may do...but these poor creatures that just arrived  from those kill pens in texas , do not have much fat on them to withstand a snowstorm--- could be that  one fat horse may have to stand in the snow.  they are all wild animals you remember...- and the horses have plenty of blubber to keep them warm.
i need to go buy straw--- for prego bedding-- straw is the yellow-ish  bales not eatable...  as opposed to hay which is eatable and grey green. so we will have the fancy race horses get--- (out of the fun fund at  $8.50 a bale------ fun fund=  money for unnecessary but nice  expenses.  (-- i personally provide the hay and shavings... you know the expression "it ain't hay you know  " referring to the expense-- hay is morel like $12 a bale fot the big canadian bales. with wire  and $10 for the new york state with blue string)
that is your education for the day

also joyce is going to try and move the  puppy room camera to that stall  from kennel 10-- probably saturday.
w/r/t/   clark---- wooowooowooo
Will send pictures and write more later but wanted to let you know that the flight went well. The biggest issue we had was Clark not wanting to go into the bathroom stall at the airport (in all fairness, it was small for a handicap stall). Clark and I are home now, enjoying the sunshine. He is checking out everything in his new home. It went well (so far) introducing our other dogs, too. He didn't seem big until he was next to them!
and then --
-I'm sorry I missed mail call, but Clark has done very well today. We went to the pet store up the street to pick up a few things and had time to relax and start settling in. I am attaching a few photos from today. I think we both will have an early bedtime tonight and start again tomorrow!

Thank you all for everything!!
We have not made this public yet anywhere, but Hunter & Wendy have been asked to be a representatives for Boston Children's hospital, from maine, to go Washington DC in June to be part of family advocacy day. This is where kids from around the country go to talk to their states government officials to talk about issues that effect kids and the children's hospitals system . Team Hunter and Wendy will be the Children's Hospital Assocation's first service dog family representatives. We need to write short bios for each of them and were wondering if there is anything you would like us to include in Wendy's. We will try to include as much as we can in under 200 words.  

We will be making this public soon, We hope to bring more attention and support to SDP, as Hunter would not be where he is today without Wendy and SDP!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Kelly & Andy VanBrocklin
everybody please note..   with bella and george... the trip was about george-- so our attendence in a group was very appropriate..
 this  wendy trip is different..  this is children's hospital wanting to meet with congress people about an odd insurance problem between states... so a group of our bunch  would not be appreciated... unless someone calls me and changes that.