Friday, March 25, 2016

march 25 2016
in the pursuit of clarity of messaging.....
  at last night's  trainer talk  the question was... is noel in heat?  -- charlie's steve said  "no"and i needed the answer clarified, knowing how quickly the red drip can suddenly start, -- so he backed around and said "as of 15 minutes ago --- no" -  much better answer.
as we approached mail call,  meaty steve came into the kitchen and said"way to go hen... we have one hen just laid 8 eggs"-- now if his way of conversing was to put that on facebook, neither grace nor i would have seen it..   and it would have gone around teh world that we had a hen who lays 8 eggs a day--causing thousands of people to storm up the driveway with banners about feed the hungry world----- fortunately by actually TALKING,   not only  all the city folk in the kitchen heard it, but grace and i  did hear it and could respond--- in words spoken .. not typed.. that hens have a pequiliar  reproductive system--- of which alot of city folk are unaware. 
i bet you can hardly wait to hear about  chickens  and eggs--.. but first-- lets straighten out the  passing of truth in messaging..
steve should have said "i saw a hen sitting on 8 eggs" and left out his  assumption that she had laid the 8 which would inadvertently perpetuate a falsehood .
now-- about the chickens--firstly-- i know very little -but i have watched them for years.---they lay eggs about one every 36 hours---without a rooster around, they lay eggs... but those eggs don't hatch-- if there is a rooster in the herd-- the eggs will hatch into baby chicks... especially if a hen does the hatching...i have tried with styrofoam, thermometers, light bulbs, water spray, #2 pencils and my average is about 2 out of a dozen.  a hen is  12 out of 12--much better at it.-- because she knows exactly what she is doing--- and does it.  i tell you , rushing home from dinner because you have to roll the eggs around looses it's fascination...  the hen does not need to make marks on the eggs with a #2 pencil to be sure each gets rotated the right direction at the right time.-- and the bottom of a hen  is 99.5 degrees without diddling with light bulbs, fans,and thermometers.  just try it any you will appreciate mommy nature much better.
  the other strange thing is once hen #1 lays an egg in nest #7-- then all the other hens in the bunch will struggle to lay their eggs in the same nest--  when there is a bunch,  they will then nominate  one as the  broody hen to sit on and hatch the bunch of  chicks..
i have heard-- and have nothing to base this on....but one rooster squirt is good for 30 days  or about 20  fertile eggs...
the complication sets in if you have a timid egg collector who does not clear out all the eggs from under every pecking hen every day--- so when the  brave egg collector comes along and sweeps all the eggs out from all the nests, you could end up  cracking  the egg into the fry pan only to have  a half hatched embryo--- and fabreeze would not help  that situation.
 there  !!  you all are much wiser now.
ready for a super laugh???  steve and i speaking japanese
bella   and george in japan.  the first part is all cats    you can skip to 40.43
Begins @ 40:43 - 59:52

it is well done---aside from not understanding a word,  they took bella from a small child to not walking to operation to moving to walking with george-- to walking by herself--- and i think i hear cheering in the background
not only that but she is on the cover... and a big article in
thanks to robert for the cheerful  thought of the day...
   Anybody who succeeds is helping people. The secret to success is find a need and fill it; find a hurt and heal it; find a problem and solve it.

we all certainly helped bella-- lets keep up the good work !!


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