Saturday, March 26, 2016

march 26 2016
anne is back.. ---from vietnam yet--- had some very positive interesting things to say about the land and people.. her body is still not sure what day it is--  we went to lunch at 1:00 just after she had breakfast at 12:15.
we have paperwork to do...   the explore people want a report in april  on what we did for the past year with all thier money.

without explore there would be a very reduced program here... like 2 dogs a year trained by  me- the list is long about what we would not have...kennels, laundry,overnight people,tractor, not to mention  cameras, and camera people - both as volunteers and donors to the chicken bricks on which we are so dependent..  people ask how we got involved with explore.... and i honestly don't know.
crazy acres has been known to be a very different kind of place for a long time...- minus the normal usual competition kind of things... dog shows, horse shows, cricket shows-- whatever.
i remember someone asking me if they could  put in cameras- i was busy at the time  and said "as long as they don't cost me anything"
and 2 guys and one woman began digging a hole  and put in the puppy hill camera  all by themsilves - i was busy i just kept doing my thing- whatever it was-  and  as life went on they strung wires , climbed trees , and did all  manor  of things.. and i kept dogging it... somehow it went together to what we now have.... a very active crazy acres- enjoyed by thousands in the virtual community while donating  117  georges to the handicap world.

since my  part of this "home" has been reduced to one room and a bathroom, i am going to deduct the whole place  on my income tax... which i am told will precipitate an audit-- well you go rigtht at it guys...  there is not a door in the place without teeth and toe marks...
among othr things..
this is the japanese show  withi out the cat and ads.... just bella

steve speaking jaanese ! would you believe it !
the interesing part is  rachel  takes bella for a rough housing swing around her--- and george does not approve at all... he idid not like her treating his pal bell like that.... and tries to stand on her head.  it was a close call.. he did not understand.... and he did not approve..
We finished our first full week at work, and Clark and I are making great progress.  We are getting used to walking together, and to people commenting on his size, how beautiful he is, etc.  I will say that no one ever shouted down the hall that my walker was beautiful, so I'll gladly take the compliments!  Physically, walking with Clark is so much more natural and just plain better all around.

We've learned a few things this week, such as when kids touch all the interactive murals in the hall, it smells good enough for a dog to lick.  So we'll work on that.

A couple people have stopped to ask about Clark because a family member is looking into getting a service dog, and they want to know about SDP.  It's so great to be able to spread the word about the Danes, and to have Clark as such a wonderful example.  There was also a nurse who wanted to know where Clark was from.  I told her SDP, and immediately she said "oh, that's my charity!  I donate to them because I have a Dane!"  Not only was it a good conversation while I was waiting on a patient, it was very rewarding to connect with someone who supports SDP and to show her the impact that her support has on recipients like me.

At home, Clark is becoming good friends with our other dog, Phoebe.  They love playing together, and are getting used to the size difference--she's only 25 lbs, but that doesn't stop her!  Work hard, play hard...that seems to be the motto.

Thank you again to everyone who has made our match possible!

Caroline and Clark
training lesson of the day--
for those interested in training... a cp made this video.. of gretchen...  hard headed gretchen

 devlin deals nicely with what is one of the hardest training situations... gretchen wants only to look at the door-- her head is out there..and when she ca't see the door , her solution is to lean heavily on devlin-- smile at her and turn circles...  her head is just somewhere else.... and when devlin resorts to cookies-- then her mind is on cookies.... i finally stopped watching so i did not see the very end..  but this is one tough dog.
Just for reference it is about 1 minute in this video from Jeannie FL. I think it was just a case of frustration which can happen when it sometimes feels like you are training a brick wall. 

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