Tuesday, April 5, 2016

 april 5 2016- belated
somebody asked me about this and i sent it to them  and forgot to put it on th edd... whoops  !!

jackass = male donkey ( and to call a person that is an insult to a very nice ass)
jenny=female donkey

 a mule--i the cross between  a female horse and a male donkey  (and the generic name for both mule and hinney)
a hinney -is the cross between a female donkey and male horse( tho people who insist on using the term hinney just hve too much time on their hands)
according to the American Donkey and Mule society "The genetic inheritance of the hinny is exactly the same as the mule.
 mules can be both male and female 
  if you breed mule to mule- you get nothing.-- alot of action-- no baby.

people will argue about legnth of ears on hinney vs mule and other subtle differences---
  but then again....people will argue  about how to cook bacon...

now... if you bred a mini donkey to a pony, you would get a mini mule
or if you bred a maude size to a draft horse, you would get a  big  mule noted for being very strong.
or any variation in between...

 donkeys and  mules are noted for having some sense  that horses don't have.  if they don't agree with what you are asking them to do, you may have a large problem, but well handled and trained they are super workers.

i am told.....30 years ago one of our main exports to afghanastan area were baby mules- flown out of kentudky on 747's
as americans have spent alot of  educational exercise on agriculture... and mules  have been critical in our country..
they tend to be slower and much more steady than a horse.and they are not as foolish---horses have a panic and run button..donkeys have a panic and stand still reaction... mules are more like that.

i used to drive a hitch of  8 donkeys like the budweiser horses-- i drove them many times into hotel ballrooms  with fake antlers as santa's reindeers-- i could never have tried that with  ponys or horses...  they would stand shock still while kids screamed  at santa and climbed all around them. perfect !!

at one point in my life i was better known for my donkeys than these great danes.... and if people would get rid of  some false inforation
if you have a person with ms or pk that wants to climb hill and walk in the woods.. a service donkey would be just  the thing-
i have no faith in  mini horses--  they just aren't as steady and strong.... and lovely


Hi all,
Just a quick check in. DiDi is doing great and always the gracious lady to whomever we meet, no matter the circumstances. Today while out doing errands, a cashier at Aldis asked if I share DiDi with the other lady for support. I couldn't help but giggle and think of the other SDP Dane (Dolly) and her partner that are here in town and the Dolly looks just like DiDi, (female, black and white) although just a bit shorter perhaps. I have not yet run into them while out and about, but get mistaken for them a lot. People will start talking to me as if We are them them but I realize it is the other SDP team they have mistaken us for.
We are preparing for another cross country trip to watch 2 of our little granddaughters for a few weeks in Colorado, then visit family in Idaho before heading home. DiDi is such a great traveller, is a great and thoughtful house guest wherever we go. She makes the trip possible for me in helping over rough walking areas, curbs (a huge blessing) and is ever watchful in keeping me from falling as my balance ever diminishes.
Thank you all,

Hi Carlene & all at SDP,
Well the adventures of Princess Ruckus & Carolyn in Orlando are unfortunately coming to an end. Hope you are enjoying the snow as Ruckus & I are poolside with Mr. Sunshine & Mr. 80 Degrees. Carlene, as you know my mind was on overdrive with anxiety! Could we handle the airport, security, fitting a Great Dane on a plane, staying at a hotel, manage Ruckus's personal needs (a place to poo lol), a conference with over 600 people in attendance, many scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, speeches etc. etc.? I never doubted Ruckus's ability, it was my fear of handling the unknown while traveling alone with a disability were one's mobile ability is impaired. YEAH BABY, TEAM RUCKUS & CAROLYN DID IT!! 

This adventure would never have been made possible without Princess Ruckus by my side. I thank SDP for making this possible. A shout out to Megan & Katie for their expert training. The staff & volunteers who cared for Ruckus before our pairing. We were so grateful on this adventure to meet many CP's who support SDP & they were able to see first hand how important this support is to the mission of SDP to help others. Thank you too all!

On this adventure we made many new friends. We are very grateful to our Orlando hosts for opening their home to us. Yes, they needed a Dane Fix & got it. Team Donna & Denim were a great addition to this trip. The sisters knew when to play & to get back to work. Denim & Ruckus were stellar as ambassadors for SDP & all Service Dogs even when confronted with "bad behavior" by another service dog. In a word, Donna & I are proud mamas!

Again, thank you to all & to our "Great" new friends!!
Carolyn & Princess Ruckus

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