Friday, April 1, 2016

april 1 2016
bentley made it  in the elevator to the lawyer's office   way up there-- overlooking boston hartbor--i am a farm person..that environment was interesting-- polished glass-- absolutely  spotless--- made me kind of stare at my shoes. casually checking to be sure there was nothing stuck to the bottom of them... talk about a country bumpkin...however...i did bring in my file of details and he did confirm that i have a solid case  if i should choose to pursue it.
i keep thinking it would be wonderful to have someone else pay for this infirmary building  ....  however.......we are doing fine... the bricks are almost sold out.

the reason i was worried about bentley in the elevator was  in that confined space , if he chose to get confused and upset  snap, i could not get away for 20 odd floors.. he was good-- i just talked to him on the up -- then on the way down  bud  braved the storm and rode with us- i was very glad-- because it is not a simple matter to  get back to the garage- and if we had become separated-- there could have been a comical scene of elevator madness.

he did behave perfectly- and  i watch him constantly-- the kind of situation where he might get confused  is when the bell rings for the elevator...he seems to notice that....he is an extremely reasonable dog-- and looks to me asking if something is ok
i have got used to donna cooking a bit of steak for my  breakfast/lunch-- she is a super steak cooker-- i don't know what meal it is-- i have been up since 3-- and with a big meal now..., i just might make it to dinner..
he certainly does get attention---i know i could sit  in the train  station and give away dozens of poker chips-
especially to those  waiting  and not running for the train.
bella and george  made it to disney yesterday- there are some great pictures of them -- with the various characters... the mary poppins one is super.
what a crazy job that is--- get all dressed up with a lovely parasol and wander around smiling for pictures..
 the doctors show called and needed a signature so they could show our logo-- i did that... but i wondered why i would have made a logo if i didn't want more people to see it?????  there are times....
the doctor who treated me in the er the other night said he had a friend on the dr show... so i told him to call immediately and give  us an extra push !!
great cp's
 i actually do love it when someone catches this kind of shows they were interested enough to be thinking.

In today's DD, the percentage is incorrect on the Merl x Harle Service Dog line. 25 out of 48 dogs is 52%, not 25%. 
This made my morning as I suffer all math and yet was somehow able to recognize and correct. At 53, there might yet be a glimmer of hope for me and numbers! 
Alison E. Groth

which stregnthns my arguement that another breeding of merle x harl  is exactly  the right thing to do.
can't win 'em all
I hope spring is starting to show in New England! I wanted to give you an update with Ethel. 
On any given day, I leave a crime scene of evidence proving I'm generally terrible at paraplegic-ing. I transfer clumsily, stand awkwardly and fling arms around recklessly. You've given me this incredible gift of stability for this klutz in a wheelchair.
A few days ago, I once again found myself on the floor trying to transfer in the bathroom. Ethel was by my side immediately, leaving her lookout position on our bed. Tail wagging, she was more than happy to help me back into my chair and even happier for the carrot treat that followed. 
I couldn't attach the video, but here's the link!

Ethel the Service Dane Braces for Return:
Tremendous thanks, 
Julia and Ethel

worth looking at----  and then bella