Monday, April 11, 2016

april 10 2016
  i have been operating under the idea- if you can't help thousands , help one.   all beautiful and lovely... it has now evolved in my head........ if you can't straighten out thousands, straighten out one. ---
 any animal can be forced to misbehave if handled badly.  including me ! i would be happy to tell you all the details except you probably have your  spam filters set to block half the words i would use to describe the  situation... so there !  if the pen is mightier than the sword, i will get out my box of pens, and have at it.
my biggest excitement of the day  was/ is  --- the chicken table does not have 3" squares ---
 they are ... in fact 4"
doesn't sound  earth shattering does it... except....  way back  2010  when we started this chicken brick deal
 i had a bunch of calculations about number of squares to block off for the number of bricks sold-- back in the days when we sold 142 bricks and drew  erase lines on the "board"--- well then we got big -- 2100 sold now is a sell out on which we  depend-- and somehow i kept going with the old calculations then and found the armstrong flooring with the squares...totally convinced they were 3" squares... i even wrote to armstrong trying to find 3" squares--- they had none-- told me they never did-- so i started off trying to find another company etc...yesterday a new volunteer proudly produced a sample from home depot- technically 4.25 inches which i quickly told her was too big.  she went into the  arena and came back telling me  they were the same size.
i still have trouble  believing it--  fortunately, she too is a math type....

ok theresa.... did we ever have 3" squares?-- didn't we used to write them ourselves?? til we got the flooring??? 
well now we have to redo the design entirely.. she is going to get a 12' x 12' piece of floor for our next shatting.
proving once again-- once an idea is implanted in my head  it is liable to stay there.
we had 2 delightful bearded men giving out  cookies to pups yesterday-the both of them have been sitting around with not enough  to do for various reasons   - and have luckily found a way to the farm where their beards can be put to use getting pups ready for the real world  which contains  bearded faced men.
which brings me back to puppy training.... we must now include "muzzle training"  on all our  dogs  just so that if they should ever find themselves in a situation where....  for instance... a veternarian is  in a hurry  and wants  to muzzle them for whatever reason,  if we have trained them to accept it gracefully, then they would not become dangerous flying object, like a drunken 747, terrified, with one dew claw stuck in the muzzle as they try and rip it off.... just as a random example i just happened to dream up....  george would never do that- but some beginners might.
and the chicken coops-- jeff built the most magnificant  saw horses ever gracing this farm--i am sure if we ever need to  use them to hold up the tractor, they will work fine...  david #1 was here -- and said he would be back on wednesday ( or so) to help out-- he did such a good job on the condo's in the dog dorm... we have a nice big pile of lumber of various sizes and shape  so i took a 4 x 8 sheet  and laid out there i would put 2x4's for the frame'
see---- jeff is of the "measuring" type--- i am  the "nail it together and cut off anything that sticks out."
we need to get this project rolling... i don't know when the chicks might arrive...  but we need some creative housing.. on wheels so we can move around the yard/grass...  on the internet  there are some cute ones...  "eggplants" 
patrick and gronk are still here - going home tomorrow-- they are doing  great -  gronk had his physical ay danvers animal hospital yesterday without any excitement at all..-- i hope to have them  meet with george sometime before patrick leaves...  george has  a semi work schedule..

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