Wednesday, April 13, 2016

april 13 2016
i made a very wise  investment of 2 rolls of fencing-- so that janine can run the quarentine barn out of her garage..  she has enough room..  along with she is never too  sure who gets on what trailer with what paperwork.... yesterday when  the 5 donkeys expected,  2 arrived-- the other 3 are at some other quarentine barn between here and dallas.-- she is connected to a network- and it is very confusing... but it saves animals..her other project is to educate horse people to find out how wonderful donkeys are-- most of the horses in this area really go under the title of PET HORSE  with no ultimate purpose--- and people are finding a pet donkey is chock full of virtues compared to a horse.  they are more like big dogs-- pleasant- usually safer--usualy healthier-- certainly  less prone to injury...
you can't turn  a new horse  out to pasture for a month, but he has not cut himself on something-- i have owned near 75 donkeys in my career- and never had one laceration  on any.... they are careful-- slow moving and careful.and is the big one.... they are not stubborn.... they question everything and are careful..particularly where they put thier feet...  they don't do puddles...  and when you have 8 all tied together in harness like the budweizers--- with a marching band behind you in a parade   - and you come to a puddle, life can get very exciting.--- ( or... heaven forbid  the actual budweisers breathing down your neck could be even worse...)
sometimes you just have to pull over and let the fleet of foot pass you by...
we were never able to maintain 3 miles per hour ( or was it 4?)  to do the really big parades like inaugural, rose bowl, or macy's  but we were otherwise qualified as a spectacular display  !!
you know one of my favorite TED lectures is ken robertson's lecture on creativity.. and how companies are severely wanting for unique and creative thought--school systems are  geared to producing college professors     there is a problem there--- i got in a discusssion with a manager of a big project-- this is a guy who is ... shall we say of lively and creative thought.. who was trying to put together a proposal for his company and one of  his "underlings" decided to take 3  personal days to go ski.. just as he was needing help with the proposal...   the problem comes when the  creative person  is very frustrated by the other's lack of purpose--- and being slightly explosive (as does often come with creativity-)   uses a few words no longer politically correct and now has to spend hours with human resources  to try an dfigure out who gets paid to do what??  and if you don't... who gets fired??? human resources  can be wonderful... except.........
my heart goes out  to all the people with handicaps who cheerfully bash on against all odds-- but i have a real problem with anyone who uses their disability  as a major fact in their carreer "they wouldn't dare fire me, i am 100% disabled" or "i am a  xxxxxx  minority "

 i saw a situation where a person was  disabled  and did not work or volunteer... but gave blood !!-  now there is a person who gets my award !! 

there were alot less people on disability  when the doctors did not give anyone   a diagnosis  with letters.
when there was no ADHD and you just got swatted and told to behave. 

the last school i went to with the dogs -- there is a kid who  objects to the dress code- and wears a garbage bag to school--- maybe the school can not tell him to wear something besides a gargbage bag-- but i wish someone would tell him  if i the school wanted to send me 3 interns  here at the farm   i would be inclinded to say send me  anyone but hte guy in the garbage bag.  problem is ... i would be wrong... i think someone should at least run that concept by the guy.... i could maybe make allowances only if he got  a perfect 1600 on his SAT's..

rushing  ( breakfast is served)

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