Monday, April 18, 2016

april 18 2016
tomorrow cake day ---take one to your local fire department
lots of interesting people showed up yesterday for  stew.. 32 cars-- i counted...  well they ought to fit in the new area  which will get serious attention for the next 10 days...  between tree guys and the GE volunteers..

most significant progress  is .....i must away to the dump-- the dump trailer has been full for weeks now-- and we have moved 5 sofas out of the G-tent -- which is now quickly becoming a lumber yard  as we stash lumber for chicken coops and "outback" stalls. so now the place really does look like "cannery row" 
best laid plans of mice or men--- ryan just called and will not be in today--i really can't go to the dump alone because if the dumping trailer decides not to go up and slide stuff out... i can  not cope-- i hate to admit it. so we may  not  have a field of daisy's- but rather a field of sofas and cushions and  bent fences for a while.

typical crazy acres-- jeff made a lovely door at home--- now we have to build some building for it to go into...
among the interesting people/dogs....lars was here with his family   --- he  looks wonderful.... fit and growing-- he is awfully big.. must be his mother  scarlott.. who is walters sister. we figured lars is george's brother---his bigggggg brother.  nice dog... but we should try for some a little shorter... he is doing a wonderful job....
we had quite a few total new commers who took  "tanners tour"  in the TOUR BUS ( the 6 passenger golf cart)-
a few new ideas... one of the "teachers?" for a special needs group/?school? brought up the idea of having us participate with their kids-- which are not too far away-- in beverly.. i suggested field trips here --- 
new idea happened.... all these people who come-- and comment about how clean the place is ( except for all the sofa's)  when anyone arrives we should give them a couple well packaged poo pickers  just  to keep them realistic..-- it used to say on the gate -- leave your ego at the gate--- we all pick poo...
spring is here-- the bottom half of delores is once again "around"  it shocks many to see the legs sticking out from under -- the tractor, a pile of lumber , the teepee... things like that...  as she gets moved around...
strange thing of the day....---  lahey hospital/clinic/whatever---  big place---- i have never seen a child there... .. active emergency room and  things like that--- no kids-- as a matter of fact  i can't remember seeing anyone under medicare age.... they are super computerized... huge place...... ?target audience is the grey hair bunch?
another strange......and by no means do i mean to promote trump--- but if voting got so twisted up that it is possible to get the  popular vote and loose the election--- it offends me--  why should anyone have to  explain who you are actually voting for when you make an x in a box.  i think before the next election  we might ask of each state exactly how this works....don't tell me anyone made these rules up to be fair-- why would anyone make it different than 1 vote for 1 person except to pull some shenanigans . just because it has been that way for 100 years-- or we elected lincoln with these rules--- that still does not cut the mustard.
how stupid of me to  think they just added up the numbers...
i do not like  "here is an answer just take it and move on"------ i have been concerned about this for years--- which is why i bought the florida voting booth..  what a marvelous mess that  florida episode was-- from standing in line 4 hours to vote  to the bifocals and the hanging chads to hackng computers counting votes. i am not happy.
no cut and paste today...

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  1. Exactly. One person, one vote. The amount of Gerrymandering in my state is astounding. On a brighter note... I'm glad Sunday Stew was so popular yesterday. Have a great week!