Saturday, April 23, 2016

april 23 2016
we were all organized... doing well... without any great disasters... and then i decided we needed to do better-- at least teh physical plant... so now--- the place is a huge has bothered me that  we need more green grass  so people and dogs can wander around in comfort...but between plowing all the stone dust on what little grass we had  and parking cars all over any piece of level ground....  the place was loosing it's salubreousness.  so i started in on a new parking area... and then got the brainstorm of a second bigger parking area....  the first was to be behind the arena--- and then i saw if we moved the flat field fence over-- we could connect with behind teh cemetary near the old driveway....

for once in my life.... i did not fear the arrival of teh police-- whch happened mid morning...   the neighbors are furious  that i want to use my driveway-- which is basically my  right of way-  -- i had it surveyed and flagged ( at great expense...) and hired DODGE TREE   a certified arborist to cut trees etc..-i have never seen so much equipment  a bucket that would go up 80 feet... a truck for carrying logs - and the most amazing chippers-- the small chipper would take trees up to 8 inches diameter... and the big chipper 20  inches...  that  is a huge tree..  blowing shavings  into the rest of teh woods...--- they also had a cat and a small escavator.. along with 2 huge dump trucks.--------it is is also bumpy with stumps etc..

that is .....a mess.

while all that was happening  25 general electric engineers who usually build jet engines.. pounded stakes for the perieter fence whild 5 of them took on the job of producing a portable chicken coop.. problem is another 25 are due back here in about an hour to do more of the same.

i happened to mention the bay state trail   yesterday and someone got back withteh idea of a boyscout troup connecting us to that trail... which would give us the 45 minute walk from a field to the back of the pond...  that would be wonderful for the bvolunters to walk dogs.
CARLENE- The opening of the access to the bay state trail would make an awesome project for an Eagle Scout. I am sure that there are scout troops in your area that would need ideas for scout projects. 

I have 2 Great Danes myself and I’m member in the DDC 1888 e.V. (the German Great Dane Club)
and I’m absolutely fascinated by what you are doing.
I would love to present your project in our uDD (monthly magazine of the DDC) if you permit and would
like to print one or two pictures of Great Danes at work in our magazine.
Please give me your permission! And please send me some pictures of the Danes or can I copy them from your website??

of course i said yes--sent some pictures--- and told her to help herself from mark's great collection.. ....

Thank you for the great pictures, I’m sure our Great Dane community will be as
fascinated by your project as I am!
I have one question: do you keep in contact with your Danes? So you always know that they are all right?
And which is the average age of your dogs? Because in Germany we have bloodlines of dogs getting 10,11
years and older and bloodlines with Danes getting 6 or 7 which is nothing. 
Greetings from the southern part of Germany,
Gabriele Best-Ehret
from the poo picker collection..

a properly trained human can be a dogs best friend.

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