Monday, April 25, 2016

april 25 2016
i forget who asked about the dreaming in color- but last night yes-- color... i was trying to  take a nap under some bleachers and the blanket was tartan red/green.

construction worries today--- we still have some brush to clear somehow-  and we need flat-- big machine type flat.... so we can get some seed tossed... i am determined to  keep cars from the  area by the flag.

 we took down the tipi and stored the poles in the g tent-- that  g- tent has turned  into a temp lumber yard---
i have written to  the  which sold me that  tipi ( and one other in the past)  that cover did not last anywhere near what they said... it began to self distruct very early and was fragile when we took it down and threw it in th e dumpster.  i am hoping they will offer to give me a new one....-- i would  like to have it  set up by the pond-- where i had my origional one...( i hate to admiit it, but i hid an electrical outlet there just in case we needed a bit of modern living in the tipi) . we did have the temp up to 66 degrees one january in frigid weather.

we have a whole bunch of new people-- both at stews ,  applying, volunteering, the chicken bricks ( thank heavens) and more people are reading the daily doggie than ever before.-- i am counting on the old timer cp's to keep the new people going straight...  if anyone has any serious questions... please email me directly .... i check that many times a day... especially thoe ones that have DOG  as the subject...i can notice those as i whip thru getting rid of the ads for belly fat and job offers.
in yesterday's emails i was appalled to have one person appologizing for buying only one brick which was "not up to cp's standaards"
who decided what a cp standard was.....?????-----that is as ridicullous as asking me to spell everything correctly.  you support as you can and just keep passing the word around and get freinds to dollar up-- those count up nicely too...  we are managing -- as we are about to do 2 more spay neuters today...  we need to do more than that or they will be 5
years old before we get to them...
my use of caps is not screaming,  between failing eyesight and a faulty little finger on my left hand,,,, i often hit the caps lock---
both up and down......i can make the small letters readable by increasing the size also...  it took ??3 years to figure that out???*
technology---- often at night i wish i could spend the time tryijg to figure out my cell phone, but i live in fear  of picking it up and having it decide to call someone who needs their sleep at 2am.
it is bad enough that  it has total control of  the music  in my car withut being told... i am getting tired of tom leher music--- which is very enjoyable... but how many times can i enjoy " doin' the vatican rag" or  "world war 3 being over in  an hour and a half."
two people asked who was dealing with dogfest details....  that would be lindak here at this office on days(  tu th sat sun) when theresa is not here.---,--there is a hotel set up, shuttle arrainged and weekend of food. all organized-- if you will just contact her.   and for those who can not come  get those spirit sticks in the mail and we will have the usual spirit stick parade...  if you haev any suggestiions about  dogfest let us know...  you should not need to rent a car.....basically the plan is to  have the farm just plain open to all cp's to hang out and enjoy the craziness of crazy acres..  hopefully we wil have puppies by then.  and... you can pick poo !!!!
walter is working on  that now--- they should be about 8 weeks old... perfect to enjoy 

 let us pray..... he has managed 14 and 19 minutes  so far... stay tuned..

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