Tuesday, April 26, 2016

APRIL 26 2016
i get a report daily from  the chicken brick activity-- and  even at 78 --- i am recognizing so many new in addition to the regular names...  i wish i could send an email to each of you--  but thankfully there are too many !!  how is that  for a strange statement.?
 i really appreciate all the cp's  who help  the new commers to find their way to the chicken bricks- it is our lifeblood-and we have bitten off a huge chunk with 31  to be spayed and neutered while  in training..
 selling those bricks gives us the courage to put walter in with noel for pups 63 days from now... out best scheme is to  breed a female while another is giving birth--  that would be pups every 2 months which is easier to deal with than 31 at once.. noel usually has 3 or 4 pups... a small litter---having said that , she will now have 13.
details of dogfest are flooding the airwaves...-- many suggestions-- some workable-- some too much a challange...  one interesting one... is for us to provide a couple fry pans so  people could fry  really farm fresh eggs on an open fire for breakfast that could be done-- we have 2 "fire pits"  -first ones here could pull  their eggs out of the coop...-- we have coffee  dry cereal and probably bannanas-- object being for people to come here for breakfast and get to doing chores.....object also being that people do not have to spend any money other than to get here.( and the room charge at the hotel.) 
tina has offered to help with some of the details  of dog fest---   she is very good at knowing people and who arrives when /where and is rooming with whom kind of thing.-- she can work closely with lindak here in the office.  there are several people coming early and /or staying after the weekend..  which is fine...  property rules apply-- up-- dressed -- and outside at 7am and not too much standing still..  there is always something....  this is not a spa--but all cp's are welcome to come work.  ( isn't that nice of me?)  i remember... way back when i first got going.. a very nice woman appeared at the front door with a mop asking if she could mop the floor..... of course... that is one of those questions with only one answer---( like the logic of --do you tell the truth?)
i have suggested people do not need a car....seeing as at teh moment we have 4 cars reg to sdp... somehow we can manage..
then there is a unfit for mailcall story telling suggestion..  there are a few...
we have started shannon and donna giving a queston /answer session before they leave.. so at 2:45 you  should see on of them on camera...shannon is going to try for mon wed fri... and donna tues thurs-- like mailcall-- type your questions and she will have the mic on..... and hopefully remember to turn it off at 3:00
Title: Bella and George
Translated from a story on Japanese T.V. program
The story is about a girl named Bella who cannot walk
independently because of an illness.

In Boston, Mass., we visited a lady whose name is Carlene White.  She is raising a therapy dog.  She explains that therapy training starts three days after a dog is born.   In America, she raises Great Danes to be therapy dogs. However, in Japan they train Golden Retrievers. The reason is that in Japan, people are smaller in size.   Great Danes are large, approx. 80 centimeters high. Many American’s are tall and big.   They usually need a larger dog for assistance in standing up or walking.  This story is about a therapy dog who helps supports a girl in America. 

This dogs name is George.  He is 2 ½ years old.  Bella is an 11year old girl.  Bella is challenged by an illness.  Bella used to be very active.  Then when she turned 9 years old, her health started to change and the doctors told Bella’s mom that she has stopped growing.  The doctors diagnosed Bella and said she has Morukio “Shokogun” illness (?).  Her kidneys did not function properly and could not filter the good and bad bacteria.    This illness caused all the joints to stop growing and she became unstable and weak. She could not play with other kids.  Her body could not move smoothly.  When Bella turned 6 years old, she became so unsteady that the doctors suggested Bella be confined to a wheel chair.  She continued to endure surgeries on her neck, leg, and other parts of her body.  She did not want to go out, because she could not play with her friends.  However, she continued to do her treatments.  She was able to do many things, but still could not walk.  One day, she saw a handicapped person with a therapy dog.  She found a women who trained therapy dogs. It was there that she met George the dog.  After she met George, she started to get a more positive attitude and believed she could someday walk again. 

At first, it was difficult to walk with George.  She started to walk with a crutch on the right hand side and on her left she held onto the dog.  Also, going up to the steps, she would hold the railing with one hand and on the other side held onto George.  After practicing with George, she was able to walk up the stairs with George without the crutch.  She started to go to school.  George stays with her throughout the day and she is able to play with her friends.  She now smiles all the time.  She can go any
place with George.  One day, Bella started to walk a few steps in the house without George’s assistance.  They sleep together in the same bed.  Both George and Bella are happy to sleep together.

Then a miracle happened!  She started walking in the snow by herself! Her dog  George just watched her. When Bella’s mom tried to get the dog to help, George pushed her mother away, as if to say, “Let Bella do it on her own”.  Also the dog tries to protect Bella.  George not only supports her, he also is a good partner and playmate.  Bella says “ this dog is my best friend”.  She has been with George for 2 ½ years.  He has also supported her spiritually.  He has made her more joyful.

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