Wednesday, April 27, 2016

april 27 2016
at least watching  how newscasters tip their heads gives me something interesting to think about during the news.  there are a few notable ones that keep thier heads straight..

we need a mason-- as in concrete blocks type mason...  i know in the past 2 weeks there  were 2 people who mentioned masons to me... i think one was GE????  can anyone help find one to work on this  'infirmary"? i talked to masterson and he said the plans were ok  with the town--- we need that building up  now... actually    yesterday.....
i don't think the neighbors get to comment on the building-- they are still mad about the driveway...--- i still wave as i go by.. and neither one waves back.
 camera person "fugen"  has arrived from calif? she is a bundle of energy that works very hard..... i now have to get her trained to read the sign over my desk  "if i do not make eye contact, do not disturb".  you will see her on camera i am sure...
laura's school today..with steve and some pups...
other things on camera  are two dogs in our  recovery mode--- we turn the sunroom into an intnsive care unit for dogs our of surgery who have to be walked by hand for a few days... apparently we have 2 more surg cases b

i am also in need of pequiliar photos of service dogs-- i am supposed to write a weekly blog for explore-- it is supposed to be 2-3 paragraphs.... entertaining.. educational and have a eye catching photo... i have done about 35 so far ( since their generous donation to our SDP)
i am running out of ideas/and photos to inspire me. they have all sorts of normal photo's on their blog... and wanted some "different " ones from us...i have used several calendar shots..
no succes with walter and noel-- here we go again... they managed a tie on day 9 and 11  but now he is very excited about the project, but  he is all action has a faulty delivery system-- which noel finds very tiring ... in the past this has caused us to panic and  bring in one of his sons-- grommet who has done a fine job   ( grommet x gussie and  grommet x opal)-----  i think-- as of last night  megan and i decided to  not bring in grommet and lets see what happens--  if the "little swimmers" last  the usual 48 hours-- she should be "covered" 
wildflowers---several people have suggested we plant wildflowers--  to help the bee population...and that is a great idea-- if anyone wants to send us one package of something interesting  by all means do that---  read the label and be sure they are not poisonous --- we are spreading topsoil  this week, and have a few places,,,,- i can only  get a generic bunch at the coop- but if you have something with one colorful  

we struggle to keep  the purple loostrife(?sp) out of here... it takes over and kills off all the rest of the wildflowers,  i remember .... my mother struggled to keep anyone from importing it .. back in 1945?-- and i see now why-- there are fields of nothing else...
i don't know if that is the reason bees are in trouble.... maybe they don't like purple loostrife.
 you do realize without bees to polinate we would have  very little to eat..... it would take an awful lot of drones to do 1/100000th of what the bees do.

wildflowers is the least i can do....