Monday, April 4, 2016

april 4,2016
last night's insomnia project  was the colorado river that was  being studied..and the "bath tub rings"  along the shore indicating lower water level...  water--- either too much . or worse, too little,  could become  a bigger problem than oil-  the concept of that huge river never getting ot the ocean before it goes thru someone's  tummy is overwhelming.
i see all those  desert type men  in the news running around with guns over their heads - and i don't see them carrying bottled water....
i wonder if  water is actually  the  basic  reason  for so much arguing  in the middle east- 

just when you thought putting venice's canals in the desert at las vegas was a really foolish idea-- somebody builds land that is totally dependant on artificial support so you can ski in that desert   and calls it dubai.  who got that idea... and why???
switzerland is not all that far away-- with regular snowy mountains.

shatupon sunday-- sold out-- thank heavens- for those who made the extra effort !!  we would be lost without  all those $10 bricks...
well we wouldn't be lost, we would be no more...... but when you all get together and sell out those bricks it gives us courage to think ahead and plan on future pups.. like noel and walter...  there were two people here yesterday who had teh impression that we were supported by huge foundations getting thousands of $$ from people in the news... they were shocked to hear that we are totally dependent on the $10 donation-- and if you can't afford that, then pass the word around to someone who can...

word passing is critical too. there is no "SOMEBODY ELSE" in this outfit-- i always had the  "united fund  and red cross" mentality  the numbers involved were just too huge for me to comprehend-- somebody else could worry about capital expendatures and balance sheets with lots of zeros  ...-- they didn't need my $10-- 
  well this outfit is different--- every $10 is critical here  - because there are so many of you--and because we have no fancy overhead- a building in boston-- hired fundraisers etc.... we have volunteer poo pickers and --- we do pay slightly above the minimum wage-- but not by much.
i draw no salary and charge no rent....----i get a clean house out of  it-- and  eatable  cooked food seems to appear- especially if i go buy it..   this year  i am going  to take a donation for use of this house/farm off my taxes... seeing as i have only  one room and a bath left without dogs in it.  i can not wait for the irs to come audit--- they won't believe it.  come ahead !!
actualy that has been said before by the irs and  about this place when i was doing animals in advertising-- the accountant  too a percentage of expenses off my taxes as business--...because at one point  i had 150 animals here-  granted many were birds-- but  ? 3 emu's???  what a mess they were...--
 so now  a bunch of dogs  maintained by the volunteers and staff of crazy acres  is  wonderful.---

slightly related---- i am also very pleased to recieve many letters/emails  thanking me( us) for doing whatever-- i am ashamed to say , i don't think i ever wrote a thank you like that  til i exited the  rat race  and basically retired to be service dogs... we got a thank you from a kid who spent some time here as intern- and i was amazed... mostly because at her age i never s would have thought of it.

i guess that is the answer to   "where did you grow up?"

      " no where yet"

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