Tuesday, May 17, 2016

may 17 2016
short doggie... i have a physical therapy apt a 7am...

the good and the bad-- the good--- jeff  donated a newish golf cart  basically for grace--  i have not seen it yet- but i am told it runs really really well.
the bad is the building inspector has decided an infirmary is  an expansion of SDP and therefore denied a building permit for the infirmary. 
he is wrong on many scores- and i have hired a lawyer to deal- i am so angry  

there are separate issues.  these are going to our  lawyer

1. The driveway usage has nothing to do  with the infirmary building. Because i don't want to park cars close to the barn ( fire hazard/gasoline)  so that the cameras can enjoy the new baby donkey-  i decided to use my other driveway and  land  for that purpose. the neighbors do not like the change.  it is my land on which i have paid taxes for 38 years. totally legal.  i had it surveyed to be  certain of the lines. 

2 This building  is not a"significant expansion " as described by the building inspector. but a needed part of our  existing operation. For many years  Dr Myers has pointed out i really should have an isolation unit to prevent possible spread of diseases which are bound to occur in dogs that are out in society as our service dogs in training are.  With huge effort we contained a parvo outbreak which might not have happened if we had the correct  facility to isolate any pup with a temp.    The wooden   material of the rest of our kennels is not conducive to sterilization.   To ignore that is irresponsible.

3. Both Mr Masterson and I were told by the building inspector  there was no problem if we just got him a very basic set of drawings.
which I ordered.  As a town official we took him at his word.  At this point we  spent the charity's money- with the approval of the board of directors. He then  denied issuing a permit. 

4. As a 501 C 3 charity  Service Dog  Projects donates  these dogs to mobility patients.  These are not pet dogs, but dogs who's lives and training fall under  federal ADA rules.  I know there are  federal laws about  the fact that  a service dog or a service dog in training  is not to be treated as a pet or companion by states and towns.
 We are fully accredited and inspected by the ADI organization.  We are registered with the Attorney General and are recognized by the VA as donating certified dogs to veterans.  Our  dog "George" was awarded the #1 service dog in the country. 

how can you help?? find out all the ADA  laws you can about service dogs in this situation.. i know there are some about they my not be taxed- what else does it  say????

        from the Society Page of the New Bedford Star, May 15, 2016

Last night, young Miss Ava Gardner attended her first symphony, Beethoven’s Ninth at the Zeiterion Theatre. With her petite and svelte figure, she was striking and with her matching hat and fur coat of spotted black and grey, heads turned when she entered the theatre. Designers may already be attempting to replicate the colors in faux fur in time for the fall. 

But what attracted many, were the impeccable manners of someone so young. Miss Gardner remained quiet throughout the concert and readily joined the standing ovation.  The humorous note of the evening occurred before the concert began. A person sitting close to Miss Gardner reported that while Miss Gardner’s party was still getting settled and deciding who would sit in which seat, Miss Gardner stood up and inexplicably, the foot of her friend shot up in the air, over the back of Miss Gardner. The witness said that he kept waiting for more comedy, but there were no other incidents, except that Miss Gardner appeared bored and to be asleep at times. 

Heads continued to turn at intermission, as Miss Gardner and her friend were escorted by an efficient usher to a large, seemingly private, but handicapped accessible bathroom, while other female members of the audience waited in long lines to use the facilities. The smiling usher negotiated the crowded theatre and moved too quickly to allow Miss Gardner’s adoring fans from touching her. After the concert, the maestro, himself, Mr. David MacKenzie, came to Miss Gardner to express his admiration.

An anonymous member of Miss Gardner’s staff stated the starlet had had such an exciting evening that she slept late this morning, before she and her friends went out for breakfast.