Wednesday, May 18, 2016

may 18 2016
i don't expect to hear from  our lawyer  about the building inspector for another few days...  that being the case i think i will ask jeff masterson if he can  get a big machine here to take the bumps out of our parking area-- i was going to use the equipment which would dig the foundation... but... who knows when that will happen..

and  to all of you who are suggesting a  is certainly an option but not the sterility we really need.

jeff did manage to drive the slalum course of our driveway  with his truck and trailer to donate a terriffic golf cart for grace to use...
it is a construction model... new batteries even...  great for toting laundry...
as we prepare for delivering the cake of the 19th to your local fire department.........  we had this comment yesterday --- now here is a deviation from the norm of   give your firefighters a happy day.....
Hi, Linda,
Instead of the cake this month I happened to be checking out of the market at the same time as one of the fire crews from the station down the street in Prescott, AZ I paid their bill over their protests and they were so grateful, even offered to help me unload my groceries. Great guys! And they were eating healthy too....chicken to grill and veges for salad, etc. 

Sharon kbtz-AZ
Prescott, AZ

maybe what i should do to be kind to my fire department is to  NOT eat the cake myself-- and go on a diet so i would not be so heavy if they have to carry me down some ladder out of a third  floor window.
it is too late to remind you we have posters to  give out with the  "cake of the 19th" ....  which are not really necessary except  it explains that there is no real explination as to why we  celebrate the 19th of the month .. except  we ( at sdp)  do.
all these people who are running for office have such lofty ideas.  they must have a worse memory than i do... because they don't seem to remember them ...."on  my first day in office i will xxxxxxx" ---- their memory must be  affected by the  cold weather of january.  or maybe  they can't remember the first day in office because they are hung over from the inaugural parties...

 the writing on the wall i can see is  the gop splitting trying to start  another party, the democrats splitting more disorganized into a write- in campaign and all the computer gurus who screw up the electronic voting machines will b left with their chads hanging.  
as long as the guy who collects our trash is  more reliable than that bunch , i will not worry.
per the ava news article....
another bonus for having a service dog,  ... jumping the queue at the ladies room ...  this brings up another related topic...  we all know about parking in handicap spaces... next we need  a thought or two about using the handicapp stall in the rest room----  in the last week i have had 2 comments from recipients about having to wait while someone rested in there making cell phone calls...
now .... i did get that book i talked about..." the specialist" about the building of an outhouse... - and that man had the cure for employees who spent too much time in there.. he cut all the holes square- so the users would tend to  business and get back to cutting the  hay..
Hi Carlene
Just an update on Merle. She is doing great! We have been to my corporate office for work a couple of times now and getting the full concierge treatment with wide handicap entrances, space to lay down, access to the entire building and her name included with mine on the door. A touch of gas (Merle not me) in the conference room.... that made everyone smile. Everyone has been very respectful and so has Merle. I wish everyone had this type of acknowledgement & support.