Monday, May 2, 2016

may 2 2016
wonderful shatting party-- mark has done it on the drone... so you can get teh full effect  !!!
everybody is  soooooooo helpful in gettin g it ready and tearing it down, that i had to think
more than twice how it all goes togethere.- and was so excited about the prompt "deposit"
i almost forgot the purple egg drop-- which was excellent...  i don't know who boilled that purple   egg,
 but it was perfect "soft boiled"  and splattered appropriately
the excitement of the day was the baby owl sitting on the fence on top of puppy hill- which turned out to be 2 baby owls
who slept all day on the fence as cute as can be !!    while thier mother/ ?father? slept way high in the tree..everybody wanted to get involved, but mommy/ daddy  was not far away-- plus  the only fact i knew about owls is one put his talons thru george's welding gloves  and fingernail.. so we did not have "use' of puppy hill for runiing dogs yesterday...
as teh sun went down the 2 babies got more active and jumped down a dn tried to climb the tree again several time,, getting on the fence and jumping off with new wings flapping.  it was very exciting.  they are B I G - like 12 inches tall. my guess is the feeding of those 2 big babies is why we see fewer rats in with maude.. and it is why we don't use rat poison around the farm either...   people have  reported an owl with a 5 foot wing span around the farm lately...

so when you see our grain fed  rats in the barn... remember they are just part of the food chain...  
  the reason we have all the "used car lot" decorations over our  young pups-  is to deflect the hawks and owls...
we have a bunch  of people here... some upstairs - some in the training room ( guest hoouse annex) and sheri is in the guest house with merle-- doing very well...
christine and clark  are fine-- but shared the news that there is an employer who needs  an education  in her town....  she applied for a job and was told she was 100% qualified but would have to make other arriangements for clark.... i hope she follows thru with  straightening that guy out... i think she decided not to take the job, but that is no reason not to "have at it" 
 if you can't straighten out thousands of people,    , straighten out one
 we may be called on to  help her educate the person... stay tuned... if i remember correctly one of our recipients  got a new truck as an appology....  and so she should.

i wish i had an active conversation with the principal of bella's school-- what really might help- and could be very amusing -- would be the reaction of the principal of bella's school faced with a 48 pound kid and a dog 3 times her size.  it was an education for all of us...  and would help if that education did not get wasted
From: Grohonag <>
I think Bella and George are on the Doctors on Weds.
7 at 2pm


Tomorrow (Monday) Jessie will be two years old. She has been with John and our family since the end of July. During that time we have seen a dramatic change in John, both physically and emotionally. Jess has required a lot of John, requiring him to be responsible for another life for the first time. This means a lot physically, which the doctors say is making a positive impact on his muscle tone, as well as a need to be thinking about Jessie's needs throughout the day. Considering all of this, it has been a lot of work for John, Jess, and the family to get where we are today. Lots of sacrifice, and lots of love.

We would not give up any of this because of what Jess has meant for John. She is an awesome dog! She adores John, and eagerly looks forward to getting dressed and going out with him. Since John is no longer working, she has no regular daily schedule, but seems to be fine with that. They both volunteer twice a week at an adult day care where the residents enjoy their company. John has begun visiting schools to talk with the children about service dogs, and based on the early response will be continuing to do that in the future, as well as the local library where they have been encouraged to visit too.

Jess has endeared herself to our entire family as well. When she isn't working she loves to be with all of us. When John is getting her dressed she always looks to see what other family members will be going. When she comes out of John's room in the morning, and each night before bed, she comes to each one of us and "gives us a kiss" - her ears back and a quick lick on our nose. Then she is on her way.

Thank you all again, including each volunteer, for making it possible for Jess to be there for John. 


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