Tuesday, May 24, 2016

may 24 2016

the problem with the world is political correctness...
well it certainly is one of them.. i am totally enjoying the crazy old lady  image  when i can say and do a lot of things i never would have 30 years ago.

i have had 2 emails lately-- unfortunately they are of a delicat nature and can not copy and paste...
both are time when i just threw caution to the wind  and vented directly.. 
 and both complemented me on straightening out a delicate problem...

rachael ( bella's mom) was one of the people to pass me the loaded gun to go after one lazy kid.......
she said one thing the doctors told her when bella was dx with morquio was to not cater to her and 
make her do her own thing... from dishes in the sink to dirty laundry
and bella is a gem...bright - capable -- funny-- good kid.
she falls down and we all stand around and watch her get up on her own... and she does... mentally and physically.

most of the folk who come here are recovering from being told they have a progressive problem.
some realize life is a progressive problem-- and get on with it.
 others latch onto the  latin label some doctor has given them ... like it is a fancy earned degree.

i try----sometimes not too hard..----but when i ask someone if they work and they say- with authority   'i can't work i am disabled"- i always go on with  "do you volunteer anywhere?" and if that is no also i go  on with "why not ?"   because no one has been here yet that i can't figure out some way to contribute something to someone..  i have not  been confronted with helen keller yet... but there is always something-  you are not entitled to a dog just because you are disabled.

well there was one guy-- a veteran--who did not work or volunteer because  the VA had him on 140 pills a day and he spent all his time keeping that straight so he had no tine for anything else... plus he was slightly "mulled"

then there is grant writing---   early sandy and anne are to thnak for the 100,000 from cummings ---- ok everybody... go find  us more...jaffee award is what we are doing next---at the moment.
i will tell you how lucrative the grant business is...
someone has a 2 million grant to try and figure out if the  servvice dog cures ptsd-- or just covers it up...  and i di d see somewhere that they were studying 50 dogs and partners.-- small sample !!

wonderful !  we could have given them a bunch of useless stats for $1,999,999.. which just goes to show we need to pay more attention to free money...  we are squeeky clean- do a great job- and are amusing..  so eerybody keep your eyes open fo theings to nominat us for-- and i will try and get people to deal with the paperwork..
have at it..
another day  another dollar...( my father's line)

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