Sunday, May 8, 2016

may 7 2016

no one called to tell me we had won the power ball as a matter of fact, we were way off    we had 66 numbers   only 3 were correct - so i guess we don't get the holes in the driveway fixed yet,-- Goldie  has given us  those as  speed bumps-
i don't know if we will have no one today.... or be mobbed- with people coming to see the new mom... or more correctly, th e new baby..
however... i bought a pot... and some chicken....

used to be...... sunday stew involved chicken stew--   fire in the pit,  pot into which we put chicken carrots potatoes and other things like canned soup,, or some salad dressing for flavor..  whatever... with  coffee cup and a spoon,  everyone was fed and happy----  mark even has pictures somewhere of  what was "in the pot"-- outdoor eating makes everything taste good, so we never worried too much about the details.
so this pot that i bought.... cast iron...  will hang from a tripod deal over the fire( which hopefully no one has misplaced...) 
the other piece of cooking arraingement is the  kids swing set which straddles the  second firepit  over by puppy hill camera... we have a chain with 2 loops to hold the handles of a monster corn cooking pot...
that was around during dog fest -- and was the source of education for 2 cp's--  they asked me what they could do to help-- and i suggested they get that second fire going under the corn water...  they both said ( in unison) "i don't know how to start a fire" ...  i really didn't think it would be such a challange-- but appartently they are city folk and were never girl scouts.. they both ( in unison) took out their cell phones and dialed fire starting.-- just as steve walked by-- he said the fire starter he used was to take dryer lint and stuff it in  toilet paper these 2 jovial city folk went round and cleaned all the dryer lint screens-- probably preventing a serious fire in the laundries.
at any rate -- they got a good fire going and we had boiled corn..  and dog fest-iers ate bushels of corn on the cob !!
someone else came up with the idea of shucked  corn in a very clean scrubbed out  big cooler-   dump in  boiling water to cover and shut the gets cooked and stays warm for a long time.  that worked well too.  microwaveing failed the taste test as did wrapped in foil on the fire.
i am going to try and get a pot going today.
maude itches...   she still has  a heavy coat-- which mary used to shed in august... i put down a pile of sand for rolling  but everythign was so wet,  she didn't roll yesterday. ..i don't want her trying to roll in her stall  because she nearly got cast last time...
-- has everyone else figured this out except me????  i never noticed this before.  - in tryng to describe nerves in my arm... one is definitely connected to my thumb and first  and another to my 4th and 5th--- i haven't figured out which nerve services the 3rd finger...  when i noticed i was missing a second  finger...   if i have a first finger ( the index one) and a 3rd finger ( the  demonstrative one)  what happened to the second one?  somebody has to worry about these things.
if enoug people are here today maybe some can help me move some lumber which is halting my progress with the post hole digging
i say lumber.... really 4x6 pt 12'  long posts.... heavy....a big pile of them--- to hold up this "pole barn" which will replace the poles of the old arena... so i am "remodeling in the footprint"...
Hi !
Just a quick note to let you know Merle and I are doing great. A little hesitation getting into the truck at Costco (maybe she didn't want to leave?) but overall the visit went very well.  
She has also found her favorite spot to use as her bathroom out back and goes to that spot every time.  
She also loves her new Barker bed....
See you soon,
Staci & Merle 

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