Monday, June 13, 2016

june 13 2016
we now have as a house guest, one of the camera operators  ? from canada?  who will be "doing her shift" on camera from this office...  we can spin this house camera so you can watch her... i have forgotten her schedule-- but i am sure  it will appear on the comment column
i have had to clamp down own people going out the driveway with pups/dogs... either for  training walk arounds or overnights.. it was getting a little too loose--if carlene has not officially approved when she was awake and alert with hearing aid on... then just don't.
i realize for me to be   awake ,alert , and hearing  may present a problem... but that is just the fact of life...  especially when someone leaves theri dog here when they go somewherre... it stays here !!  currently dustin is here as david and wife had some family emergency in nebraska or somewhere...   dustin stays here period... plus he needs to be on a diet- he has a huge "top of tail depression"  which is teh equilivant of "love handles."

for educational purposes----a great deal of time was taken up discussing the color of the drip coming out of the back of opal.  she does not drip "by the book."--   i have been told- by the book.... red drip 10 days   then  salmon color for 4 ( which is the attractive/fertile stage) then  minimal to nothing...  welllllll-- opal went thru the red and then spent 4 days with grommet- and we let her go home with the concept that those swimmers he put in there would last another 24-48 hours... and sandy reports she is dripping  a very little...dark red..
problem is  i need a new book for every animal--- and sandy is maybe just too observant...  there is noting we can do anyway...
like the ad says   "i only monitor the situation ".
final day on this jaffee award...ann has done a fantastic job- and we do have a video showing the 3 kids and their dogs.  it could be better-- and may yet get that way-- but the direction said not to spend money - an amatur  video done with a phone would be fine...
i wil now write an intro to the video in case it never gets any furthere...  
in reactio ot my problem with "if" statements, gwen wrote....
In project management, I struggle with the words "except" and "just," as in, "it's all done except for X."  Or "we can do that, we just have to Y." 
I estimate I spend 10% of my work time struggling with technology. I have to have 2 computers (for work; I also have a home one I don't want polluted with work stuff), because they behave differently, but it increases my chance of having one that will work right when I need it.
So I think all that stuff is par for the course, in a two steps forward, one step back kind of way.

and on tv this morning  there was a  ad saying the current technology is just the tip of the iceberg...  the ad was hoping i would think i would be delighted to have my entire computer on my wrist.. in a word...NO----- in an effort to try and send someone an email yesterday, the screen automatically put in  meaty steve's email address because he was standing next to me and had his phone in his pocket...
good sunday stew yesterday...  we had a bunch of new people and a couple semi  local applicants--  had some good food-- and judi managed a carrot cake  as only she can.. we still have not tried her  wong ton wrappers in the cup cake holders filled with goo.. of buffallo chicken style.  maybe tonight/

we do have a cp with friends in the orlando shooting- as yet not heard from so they are needing your thoughts...

tell me.... if we can not seem to outlaw guns, could we outlaw the kind of rapid fire ones that are built to cause the most tissue damage, which apparently this was...and who makes these??? 
 and if the town can question  if i should be allowed to build an infirmary on my land---  why is that questioned  while  building guns to rip people apart is not questioned???

 i have a problem with all that...

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