Tuesday, June 14, 2016

june 14 2016
we  ( ann) has this grant proposal written  and it is wonderful-- but the instrctions about how to send it are very vague..  so now we have to figure this out today..
it would be wonderful if we could just say "we are great , give us $100,000"... but it doesn't work that way...
this grant concentrates on kids- and  if they watch the video of teal,wendy and george , i don't see how thay can not give ius a bunch of money..
it got very confusing yesterday - among other things we have soooo many steves-- i told someone "send this to steve" meaning charlie's steve(#4)    and it  got sent to #1 steve in ny by mistake..--barker beds wants to do a video involving steve #4 - i lost track of the details  but barker beds are a great product we use..... i wish i had one for my bed...
steve #2 went to visit annie and she spoke to us on the phone..  she sounds great..  this next batch of get well cards will i think get her over 150 cards... her nurses must be  amazed... and from all over the world !!!  
now it is about moving the camera from the donkey stall to the whelping area for noel's impending deliveryi will consult withthe powers that be... we do have 2 more unused  cameras here-- and i don't know if we can swap off  connecting lines... t otherwise we will have to move it to get closeups  the normal house camer is screwed to the cieling and  can't do closeups--  and joyce said she could be eere saturday..
bailey is doing well... so well that i am afraid she is gaining weight to the point that her rear is haveing trouble lifting it..
somehow  there is a meassage there...
she is still definite about who sleeps on which sofa.. as when she wants to swap, she stands and glares at  bentley until we have to ask him to move... then she gets right up...   this goes on all day  back and forth between 3 sofas... she tells you which one she wants next.

we have dustin with us....  also   on a diet big time.

i think this purina proplan has slightly more  calories than we planned on.. we have Pudgy going around
 i had to ask purina to hold back 2 pallets of food  in the next delivery-- time we got to the absolute back of the bin.. ( which is a 20 foot long container of the sea-worthy  type)..
i have had many emails about guns--- and why the rifle assoc needs these rapid fire wobbly bullets to tear flesh?

do you think it unreasonable to allow only the single shot guns-- and if you are that bad a shot, use the shotgun pellet kind...  they worked fine for years...
i remember......i was at the north shore mall one day, and saw a man going into the mall with what looked like a rifle-- i called 911 and tole them- and before i hung up the phone 345 cruizers had surrounded the place...-- i felt terrible and went to appologise to one i knew.. and he praised my  effort... the guy was returning a bee bee gun-- it was not a time to worry about  the details...
the fbi guy who spoke was-- i thought very correct-- the only way ( at the moment)to contain all this is for everyone to keep their eyes open..  he explained they wer not only looking for a needle in a haystack, they were looking for a piece of hay that might be used as a needle.
needs public help.

I'd like to share with you what I got in the mail today.  If you remember, when I was in the hospital Dawn's students sent me a lovely e-get well card and for that I sent them treats of Kit Kat and Snicker bars, along with Rice Krispie Pops (round ball of Rice Krispie treat on a stick).

HEAR THIS ONE AND ALL. Today, I received a large envelop stuffed full of Thank You Cards from no other than Dawn's Stedman students...all 24 of them. They are beautiful and so touching. I loved reading all of them and now my husband and son are enjoying them too. Each student had their own special message with pictures of hearts, dogs, cats, Kit Kat, Snicker bars and Rice Krispy pops. Many mentioned how they love the puppies and donkeys. One young man wanted to know if I had a son. Well, I do have a son, infact, I have two grown sons and one daughter. I can fully understand that Dawn loves her students..she makes them very special. THANK YOU DAWN AND THANK YOU STEDMAN'S.

Ila Steutermann

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