Wednesday, June 15, 2016

june 15 2016
late start

we--- ann and i  --- kissed the jaffe grant goodbye at fedex... the directions on how to submit.. were not very clear-- so we opted for paper-- which we understood...
a costco trip where we met a real italian chef-- who loves daness--  we encouraged him to join crazy acres... could be a great asset...
4wheeled girl brought us a mamouth pile of fried fishermans platter stuff from the gret fried clam place down the road.. topped with mos of a chocolate bar, i had no choice but o go to bed with alkaseltzer
and just when you think it could not get worse in orlando, it does..  signs for no swimming and a lifeguard are going to be a problem for some lawyers..
i have issues... and not enough time to do it justice
please-- go ahead an invade my privacy-- if the FBI needs to watch my every move go right ahead-- the advertising world already does
which does me absolutely no good...  why should the fbi not have tehe same rights as wedding cake sellers??? this is why when i looked up videographers , i ended up getting reams of ads for wedding calkes.. why is it not legal to connect the dots if it pertains to travel, gun purchase, books read or google spots visited?  and certainly the type of gun purchased should flash a red light somewhere...  maybe finally they will consider the outlawing of certain guns..don't hold your breath

basic problem there is illustrated when someone gives a speech to congress  either one group or the other cheer and stand up  yoou never see a smattering randon collection of people who THINK  and  ageee or disagree..-  who dictates what the group mind  will be ahead of time???
and then...
why if people are going to practice shooting guns for sport, is the target the outline of a person and not the cheerful bullseye...some guy once took my grandson out for  target practice and i was appalled to have the shape of a man be the target...i see it even on mythbusters... why not the circle...????  get 'em young train 'e m early -- like mcdonalds... you need to shoot a person.


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