Thursday, June 16, 2016

june 16 2016
the big deal of the day is   the meeting about our infirmary  building  at the town hall is tonight--  thursday at 7:15    25 green street ipswich..
 the lawyer suggested we  have a good show of people.. so if you can make it, please do..  
shirt wearing  would be interesting but the number of people is teh important part..   the board members might's  up to don,   the lawyer--- george said he might be able to be there-- or send me an email to read..  ann can talk grants if need be... kitty will set up the video...
yes  bring friends---
i still think the whole thing is due to the use of the driveway at  lot #45- 
the whole thing has cost me several  thousands of dollars already... because   in an effort to have minimal use of the #45 driveway, i had planned to have a ramp off #37-- and use the dirt from digging the foundation for the building  for that ramp...  the way it worked out is i had to buy dirt to make that ramp...  so i am not happy

i am also amazed  a lot of things which my lawyer has suggested i  not bother with...  this is a new building inspector and he has not told me yet  that i am  "only a woman' like the last guy.
i don't know why talking about town officials reminded me about yesterdays discussion about targets...  i had an email  about having the targets for gun practice be tthe shape of a person...instead of the bullseye and  i got this....

FYI you cannot have targets shaped like people in most if not all ranges in Massachusetts. 
well someone is thinking... maybe...
 we are getting alot of inquiry letters about getting a dog-- from across the whole US.  we hav to develope some policy... and  i wold like to have it be a discussion  for the board of directors next meeting...  even tho we donae the dogs... which cost us about $20,000-- if we are to send one to wisconson- we might have to ask that the cost of a round trip airfare be put in a special account...just in case we have to shpip a trainer out for some special reason.
megan does love to fly.  the person would still have to come here for an initial meet and greet  and then p lan to come here for a week or two for training with the dog.
it gets touchy... because  if they come for a meet and greet... what happens if we don't think we can help that person... or the person just does not have the  xxxxxxxx to manage a service dog.  That bar has been set high by  
bella's mom.
one of the many things i remember about bella's mom is that when bella was dx. somebody said to her, do not wait on her any more than absolutely necessary--  she can do dishes, fold laundry- or a lot of other duties pertaining to living in a family..  that became critical when they got george... Bella take care of him   from feed to poo.
there are some people who apply for a child and assume they will be  taking care of the dog's daily needs while the person for whom the dog was intended just sits.
not going to happen- if we get any indication that this is the case.
there is another touchy subject.... having a service dog is to help you, not define  your life. there are some inquiry's  where the person decides tehy are ENTITLED  to a dog because they are handicapped-t they  don't work, or volunteer because they tell me with great authority "I am disabled"  and immediately my head clicks into ?too inert to care for a dog?
if a person can drive, i never understand why they can't offer to help someone somehow... pick up groceries? take to doctor apt?? something...  can't drive? volunteer to  make phone calls for teh red cross???.. make audio tapes??? something..  there are very few i can not think of some way for them to help someone other than  themselves. there should be more creativity in the SSI program.. but who has time?  some of these people do !!

and don't give me the authoritative "my doctor gave me a letter saying i should get a dog." remember i was married to a doctor, --people could get him to say amazing things-and he never understood dogs anyway.  - thinking back to the boston bombing "victim" who was not a victim at all.... she had all kinds of  doctor's letters... computers can redo any letterhead... we should have known-- and we did eventually--- even before the police decided she was a fake.
so a lot depends on the personal  contact of  sdp people seeing what the problem is  and if we can do anything about it. 
that is difficult when they live in minnesotta or arizona etc..  not impossible   but  difficult.

now for a really practical problem... one of these dogs  stinks.  i am told the interns are having dog bathing practice...  they could start on bentely today ....