Thursday, June 30, 2016

june 30 2016
life is settling down-- 4 pups doing really well ... noel is even mothering them- when  she is not wandering around avoiding motherhood...  but the job is getting done.
we are going to do well until opal has 13  or some such...  don't forget we have another bunch coming...  one of you camera people must know when we bred her???? i didn't write it down , hoping  you all would.
my plan is to breed one each time one whelps-- that would give us a good variety of ages  all 2 months apart... hoping for 6 pups a litter.. so the breeding could be adjusted by the number of pups per... if we had 2 litters of 12 each we could skip a month.  

now if only mommy nature would  co operate.... 
here goes the big calculation....
opal was bred before noel whelped ( or even had an ultrasound?  which might be 35 days ago?)  
noel had 4 wonderful pups....
opal must be getting near ultrasound time ( 25 to 30 days... with 33 to go??)
if we are to breed when opal whelps,
in which case we should be looking for someone to come in heat next????
soon next????? because for perfect scheduling  don't forget
 they seem to be ready to breed about day 9... 
so slide all that on some calendar..

if opal has only 4 pups we will wish we bred another before we can do an ultrasound to see if she has any in her..
 this is how last time  we got in the situation of 4 pregnant dogs....

where are these business types who demand we have a 5 year plan????

don't forget the chicken bricks...  this is thursday  and sunday is the shatting... i am always near panic at the end of the month-- i do watch and see alot of new names  which is wonderful-
fyi of the day......
those ends on  computers that  are fatter than the usual phone end..
joyce steered m to home depot whicch had the "tool" and a testing device to see if you got it right...
she said rj45 was teh code word... so i bought all that-- a learning exercise...

something needs to be invented there ( i tried tape and kelly clamps.. no dice..)
tiny wires twisted in pairs to untwist and reposition and shove ...
well i went thru probably a dozen ends i had done incorrectly before i cut my thumb
then with blood dripping the next one was correct
i dunno what that lesson is. if  many new inventions were found by accident...
 is blood the new wd40 for wires???
 i finally settled on shoving each of the 8 tiny  wires- one at a time- into the tiny place- 
i think that is why there is so much yellow tape on the ones tim did... you have to strip longer to put them in there one at a time.
so that is my advice i have done 2 perfectly now..
but i could sure design a little plastic  shover thing to help get them in order.

i hope i hear from some of the more reasonable parteridgeberry people today... about teh lunch saturday...i had asked tehy rsvp by 6/30...  if they are all under the iinfluence of one or  two  nay sayers, maybe no body iwill show up..
  cp-mr bears  sent a collection of aphorisms it was hard to pick a favorite  
try this"I think Congressmen should wear uniforms, you know, like NASCAR drivers, so we could Identify their corporate sponsors."
steve back later today
annie was/is  to go home today- and i have more in the red bag for her--
 as for all the directions on how to screen shot my login information... it has disappeared--swallowed up by the computer and i can not find the list  in spite of all the directions that sound so real....

 on to the next