Tuesday, July 12, 2016

july 12 2016
the news...  the police are under attack...
 well -----they are also under paid-- big time--- if what i hear is true..
that  impressive police chief from dallas  said they are paid $40,000 a year to get shot at...
 bud-- tells me   
and the poor police get 40k?????  

there is another  part of police salariy that i have been trained to believe... (before i heard teh $40 k number...)
is "police  DO ALL RIGHT---they pad their salaries with extensive overtime...."
  from construction outfits that  are required to have police detail to dig up the road..."
i have heard that ...f o r e v e r.... implying what a rip off  it was...
      wellllll.....now with a few more details - i see that as a way for a town... like ipswich... to not pay a reasomable salary and letting teh little guy trying to dig a hole  foot the bill.

i kind of knew that--except  now i heard ( on  dallas tv so it must be true) in an effort to earn a living wage for his family, the  guys were inclined to pull over and arrest someone at the end of their shift so that  "processing the person" properly would force them into  2 hours overtime.  that story strikes me as true.. one of those hard to make up situations....

i would love to know the  topics  of one week's worth of police calls-- how many are basically something which should be handled by some other agency... like   mental illness or , drug addiction.
i know--- i have called the police a few times in 30 years-- and been delighted to have some big strong person arrive to help with sometimes very pequiliar situations...

tho i think we should continue with the cakes at the fire departments, because those guys are sitting around with not much to do, i think i will order some bulk boxes of lifesavers  to leave at police station so they could grab a pack as the come and go from the statieon...
maybe hand one to the guys standing  in the sun direction  traffic around a hole in the ground.
my concrete quest goes on...  THE OMNI GUY-- never called me back with the estimate... so that is now holding up the building permit. i have a second one to investigate today==  you camera people are wonderful  giving me  information...!!!!
i was very impressed last night at mail call-- we have 4 people here from pittsburg penna.-- and i could  remember the song about pittsburgh penna with only those 2 words.......-- and i bragged about our "system'  by saying  to the microphone.." i bet these camera people will give me the rest of teh lyrics very shortly"  .. i think within 3 minutes we had teh lyrics and a recording of " there's a pawn shop on a corner  in pittsburgh pennsylvania , and i ain't got a thing left to hock." .
we are an amazing group with  much incidental intelligence.
Hi Carlene
For the past few months I have been working on Emmetts crowd skills. We had been observing from the safety off my car and gradually exposing him of being in them (crowds). Today we were all over the crowded Plymouth water front. We visited several busy restaurants, crowded gift stores and ice cream stands. We also conquered several types of terrain as well as lots of stairs. For the most part people stared in amazement. I am real good now of tuning everyone out to focus my attention on Emmett,  he continues to amaze me.
Dear Carlene, 
I can't believe I am sending you this only 3 weeks after my email about Tips. We had to say goodbye to my wonderful, handsome, boy Crane on Monday. We gave him the good life he so richly deserved, but saying goodbye is heartbreaking. 

In the world of dogs, we all believe that our dog is wonderful and special, and we all are correct. Crane truly was a legend in his own time, and I am grateful that you gave me the opportunity to grow and learn and laugh with him. His memory will be forever in my heart.

Thank you,
Maureen Beattie-Waterworth

you give them a happy life- and when it is over, you let  them sleep.