Wednesday, July 13, 2016

july 13 2016
deligate---- is the marching song....
Greetings to Carlene and her wonderful supporters....
 Debra and Sandra have approached us with a request for a donation of a replacement cover for the tipi that Carlene initially purchased from us.  While we usually reserve all our second hand tipis for Native Americans in need, we are happy to offer you a used 20ft tipi cover that molded prematurely. The cover is in great shape, but it needs to be cleaned and re-treated. Please let us know if you are interested.
 Cleaning can be done with a solution of 50% Chlorox "My Ultimate Care" Bleach and 50% water. 2 gallons would work and cleaning is best done with the cover spread on the ground, then wet the cover and apply the solution with a big broom, the mold should disappear within 6-10 min.  Afterwards, please hose it off with water. To prevent mold to appear again, you will need to treat the canvas with a mold inhibitor such as 303 Fabric Guard or "No More Mildew" from National Allergy (
 If you would like us to send the tipi to you, please provide us with your shipping address.
Thank you very much,
With kind regards,
sounds like we have a tipi coming thanks to the efforts of  deb and sandra... and nicole
 chickens....took up alot of the day yesterday..  long educational story...
rule #7658c--- from the USDA  day old baby chicks must be shipped  at least 25 to a box (  i stay warm) and i have dealt with strombergs  for years... perfectly--
many years of getting  newborn chicks for a photo shoot--- strombergs as never failed when the  million dollar cameras were lined up to take a picture of   "newly hatched"  when they meant just that ... because 4 day old chicks have new feathers that show up on cameras...---  and generlly chickens  in the big hattcheries are hatched on monday, sexed and shipped on tuesday,   overnight USPO  for delivery wed- thursday.  because by late thursday and early friday those tiny feather would ruin "the  photo shoot"
i ordered chicks  25 of 5 different kinds of egg laying  type and 20 guinnea fowl ( they are bigger and can be shipped 20 to a box.) .... in march.  well i can't remember the details but hatcheries were not behaving normally and they could not fill orders for one or two of the tyope i had on my shipment got delayed- and they - twice gaeve me a new date...
finally -- chicks arrived at th e post off ice in ipswich last week-  bigger box than normal-- looked strange--chicks only in  ½ the box... and there were only 15 of them..5+. 10 looked alike -- strange... i  expected  5+5+5+5+5 all girl chickens....
i got busy for a  few days and forgot--- til a camera person called to say she had seen on facebook that 12 guinea keets were  unclaimed at the regional post office so they had been sent to the animal rescue barn about 20 miles away.  several daily doggie readers  of facebook realized they weere probably mine.... i called--- with difficulty--and tried to claim them...i said i would take them   except
 well.. having been left t the spca farm, theny now had to keep them for 4 months so they could then be tested for whatever they test chickens for....?poulrum??-- the 15 chicks we have are doing well... but i paid $249 for the total order... and i called strombergs--- a verynice woman said tehy would send 20 keets immediately to replace.... and someone would get back to me on the  missing 10 regular chicks. i have not yet heard,,,,but..... if by law they must\ ship 25 chicks to a box-- they apparently will send my missing 10  -- now if they fill the box with another 15 cheaper  boy chickens i will be in massive trouble-- because  from day 2 to day180  teh boys and girl chickens look alike ...
i think strombergs has a personell problem...
how do you explain this stuff to these business types that keep telling me i should have a 5 year plan.??   i can't even keep next week on schedule.
i remember ....
long ago... the million dollar rooster project.... i had to  get a rooster for a movie to be filmed in harvard square.. actor had to carry a rooster  in a crate in teh square.-- the director wanted his choice of 5 different breeds of roosters...  and he wanted 3 of each kind just in case...-- anyone counting ?/ 15 roosters-- i don't think there are 15 roosters in new england... so strombers shipped expensively  15 individal roosters-- and because teh call time was 6am... that made me crossing the bridge at 5am with 15 roosters crowing away in my individual cratees ( roosters often fight) because the teemsters were being difficult, they were only filming the exterior stuff in boston... the rest to be done in toronto-- areyou ready???? shipping poultry internationally is a federal project- they needed to be tested for xxxxxxx so  i needed passports for 3 roosters to go to toronto.
we got the shot--- and i left the 3 roosters with the wardrobe deptartment packed with food ready to go withther passo[ports... fine... and i started home with 12 crated roosters -- i needed them like a hole in the head !!  so i decided- i have seen antique pictures of roosters in horse barns.. so as i came home , i quietly  let one rooster loose at every stable i knew  of and wished them well..   i saw many of those roosters  as they lived years with the stable owners not knowing how they were so lucky to have one.... 
summer is a comming in
and people forget to buy a brick....and i begin to panic...  one of the most critical things you all can do for sdp is to  get one more person  interested in our  explore -dog bless you --cameras and have them buy one brick--- it happens every month- but in summer it is worse.. we are almost ½ thru the month with 10%  bricks sold... aaaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhh     and i still meet people who don't know that we are dependent on those $10 bricks --- please   share the word.. hold their hands til they  can buy a brick thmeselves... as long as it is not a burden---  some people don't have  the $$-- i know about those things-- so keep cutting  our poo pickers  and get someone else to buy a brick... we are 100% dependent on the whole camera crowd... the $100,000 grant from cummings is wonderful, but do the math---it does not even cover the payroll... and i can not run this place myself ( as i once did).
continuing. my police bit....  i had many responses... both extremes
A.----The average yearly salary for Police Department in Boxford, Massachusetts is $82,814
B.----My husband retired from our town's police department.  When our two children were young and I stayed at home to raise them, we qualified for food stamps.  That's what little pay he received.  To be eligible for "low income" help from the state on medical care, food, etc. all while working full time for the city.  We chose not to take advantage of those programs.  It wasn't pride.  It's because we chose for me not to work away from home thinking raising my children 24/7 to be more important than money.  We didn't go hungry either.  We sacrificed in other areas.  My husband did body work in our garage to supplement his pay.  We don't regret any of it.  
C.---paul ryan... political guy-- was interviewed last night on cnn..-- sorry-- but i have to put him in the out to lunch bunch as he went on about how he hesitated taking the job because he wanted to spent  weekends with his family-- and how important teh family unit was to the american way of life...  he very casually said he spends 4 days a week working for teh political job....
isn't that wonderfull-- 
HANDS UP--- how many of the real people  in the country can have a 4 day work week with all possible benefits----he went on and on about how his laws would solve the poverty crisis when i don't think he has a clue about any parent  working 2 or  3 jobs--just to keep the roof over their heads and food on the table... i know many people  who can not take the time out to be retrained for anything.. as teh e word "homeless " hangs over their head.

 instead of a summer vacation,   just give me paul and his family to live on what he could make in the real world -  he needs a real education... he could learn that a tipi would be  a luxury.