Friday, July 15, 2016

july 15 2016
we have no vomit report-- no news is good news...
 "goldie" is at it again....  for those of you who don't know, goldie (ghost of the lefthand drawer) provides many things for us- that we did not know we needed at the time.... 
 we hired bobby to help around-  he had been a volunteer one day a week and is very helpful and cheerful.
 then  a police friend  mentioned  our  security cameras could stand an upgrade  to the newer night vision ones.   several times we have have seen a sizable animal "THING"  along the fence line  but could not figure it out with the shadowing.. there has been occasion when we have had nightime barking-- not often- but it does mean something  is around to start them..  danes are far too lazy to get up and bark at nothing...  so it might be interesting to see just what  they are commenting on.
i started struggling and even paid $6.95 for a month of consumer reports access- and started asking around...  cathy of nahant came up with an expert son...  but then i found out  my new help "bobby'  installs them for q chain of retail stores and had all sorts of advice.
delegate !!!  he mentioned axis systems??? anybody got comments???
then---. up the driveway comes jack...lauras father--as in the deagle house being  "the house that jack built"   he is a talented  carpleter and said "the union" had run training films on how to install these new mandatory insulated blocks... he had all kinds of comments and thought ....we....( with his help)  should be able to do it --laura chimed in that there must be a you tube about installing them-- so that is next..
along with-- the new electrical system tripping the  main driveway  breaker-- bud thinks it is due to running both the laundry and barn dryers at the same time...  could be he is right- especially since he is an electrician...-- having that happen is no big deal if we did not have the cameras which sometimes need rebooting once power is off.. even withthe instant start of the generator in thebarn...  so for the moment, we are not using the dryer in the laundry buildig-- i suggested if we need to was those heavy moving blanket things that wwe hang them on the fences... we did that once when we had no dryer...
it may not look good... but it would work..
 cleanliness  is next to godliness---i may have to call cranney to come deal with that....i wish i understood exactly what was happening better..  we can assume it is 2 dryers working at once- but assuming anything with electricity is not the greatest idea...  there is the  mice chewed bare wire problem in the laundry building...
so that has to happen today also...  and it is friday... 
now for  some of my thoughts on dog training...
teh toyota $1000 episode also produced a woman who is about 10 years behind me at atempting to start a service dog training facility...
she was here yesterday with another person i tried to hire away from her...nice people.. cheerfully nuts.. she has goldens-- you know ... those brown  fuzzy things--she does have a 501 c 3 -- and is a nurse -- something about goldens for independence.. or  something.
----she has been faced with e people with epilepsy and kind of got started on that  end of service dogs... a really tough road....... ... other than having epilepsy myself (i usually dont tell people that unless i am driving a 50'  horse trailer in boston traffic)  thankfully controlled for 30 years- i do not know how- from a dog training standpoint, you can train a dog to anticipate-- which is what everyone wants...  ?how do you practice?   she had some concept of  practicing because of  a change in  breathing carbon dioxide... which i question the logistics of  a cannister of co2 in training...  anticipating a seizure can be done by any dog out of the dog pound with no training....  if i had to stick my neck out, i would say it would be more of a question of improved communictions  from dog to person....  a person being  cognizant  what the dog is trying to tell you---
so if i had to  come up with a plan of attack, i would figure  out how to have a pup bond to one person, give them  "adequate " social skills --  and then train the person  to notice what the dog is saying.  you don't want a dog with too much  mindless obedience training
where you tell the dog to "heel"   and it does. meanwhile thinking "i really would like to get this person to stop and sit down before they fall" .   dogs are super super at  B follows A...  "i am not going to do A  because B happens."    i see that all the time.

so there is a bunch of  timing problems.. with anticipation... the dog might figure it out-- and give some indication... but i am not sure the person about to have a seizure would remember what that signal was...

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