Monday, July 18, 2016

july 18 2016
my brain is royally scattered for the morning--
i started with some nice quiet thoughts about  the tying  of  shoes ...
there is a huge lesson here.. "don't scratch your  poison ivy or it will spread...    people have said that for years... and i religiously have believed it.. " seeee it started on my ankel and spread to the back of my neck..."   i swore it to be true..  and it was...   but to understand how it got  there took - i am sure- many years of study before someone disooc=vered , if you wash really well-- and think very hard you can not move it from your ankle to your neck... unless you do something like tie your shoes..  the poison ivy is basically a dust-- and if you wash it all off it is gone.. unless you recontaminate yourself ..  i have gone thru this scientifically..... not believiong it... and found it to be true.  
which gets me to the next  --
 thank you to the perosn who figured it out and published it in some  legitimate medical journal  instead of the internet..
thanks to the people who maintaina source of  legitimate information -- a terribly difficult job where anything can be published-
which gets me to  the person who  puts inflamatory stuff on the internet   and is thrilled to think their comments are  being noticed-with a "there , now the world will see life as i see it  before i take my gun -- or truck  and raise havoc."
you only need on of those  nuts  every 257,000,000 people- and unfortunately the r world has them.

how would i....?   something has to "give "---- i keep coming back to  reducing the probability---and  driving a car comes to mind..- since we don't seem to be able to stop the gun people from selling them-- how about  putting chips in the guns- like we do the dogs,  when someone buys  a gun it is scanned  constantly... they  have 3 hours to get it home.. and then they may not transport it in a car without getting a permit ( another chip deal)- because every light pole you pass will register th fact that you have a gun in the car.

if the  trash bins in boston  talk to the trash trucks, i don't see why sacnnning all vehicles  for guns would be all that difficult..  you can own them in your house-- but you can not transport them. 
if the  cake producing world ( out there)  knows that i once looked at the web of a wedding videographer- 
if  people can pick up a bike in boston , ride it around,  and have the stats collected..
we will have to attack it with technology... somehow...
i am on  overload
daughter gwen has a whole bunch of ideas i really need to figure out how to discuss.
being forced to think is  not a bad thing.
a person who bought a dane  is asking me to help develoe the training and has invited me to  visit them and help.
seeing as he is in scotland, the offer is appealing.
 he sent me 2 videos---- he shold never have asked for an opinion if he was not prepared to get one !!
 camera person ---heather  nova scotia-- did a fantasitc job on this video of pockets.
she is talented ... big time...
a great ,... happy video....

warning---- this garcinia cambogia  procuct latched on to my credit card and i got 3 months charge before i really studied it... they swear they are innocent and i asked for it... ...i am giving it to the attny general office...

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