Tuesday, July 19, 2016

july 19 2016
caking day  !!---- i must away to the fire department-- and one for here-- they guys from explore must have planned it that way . they are due here this  morning to install some new  camera equipment.

a costco cake???  it is getting so that we have a daily costco trip-- yesterday ... in  search of an airconditioner.. because the 2 in the training room were just not keeping up..( they were old)  i finally figured out, i did not have to go buy one.......MEGAN WITH CREDIT CARD = CARLENE.. 
almost.....costco out of a/c   -- for days... sams ( up the road in nh...) had dozens--next problem was the new visa card did not work--- somehow-- and  megan's mom saved the day because sam's  computEr  had crashed whatever and had only sheila as a sam's membership.. 
who said  screw the problem with  a senior moment... i have far too many tech moments.

When we graduated from something like high school-- the speaker or someone had the sound bite "Who are you and where are you going?" little did i know that 60 years later i would have to try and answer that question dozens of times daily... and that the machine confronting me needed proof   by means of passwords.
i even have my medical records under false pretenses because if a typo that  it will not change for fear it is a hyppa scam..--so on top of that is the cryptocrap of 5 letters and numbers--  to be typed in multiple times- and if you ask for it to be read to you  they explain  in japanese , norwiegan, and german "type what you hear"... which you can't hear because they cover the verbalization with a white noise...  it gets to the point of ... i don't know who  i am or where i intended to go- so i may as well just go eat some comfort food... like  strogonoff or  chocolate...
 i am told a tipi will be arriving on wednesday...
they (nomadic tipi) are donating a used 20 ' tipi that needs to be scrubbed  with a specific chlorox solution-- which i have to go back and find the directions... unless one of you has that email??????

this time lets put it up and keep it  in use ( lighting a fire  at least weekly) can be someone's sunday afternoon chore.
?BUUUDDDDDD?  our resident fire person...  we have  a supply of toilet paper rolls packed with dryer lint  for fire starters... so we should be all set...

plan is to wait til the cameras are up  to put up the tipi so you all can watch that fiasco---- rumor has it a "good indian woman" can put up her tipi in an hour-- i do not doubt that is true- however we don't have a supply of good indian women-- so it will be.... amusing...  there is only one way to put up a tipi--THE  book  on tipi's is by reginald and gladys lauben-----and they are right.. do it any other way and if it doesn't fall dowm , it just looks like the leaning tower of tipi-    they say.... a good indian housekeeper does not have any  wrinkles in her tipi ...
as is  well known... i often have wrinkles in my tipi . 
i think food may be arriving this week  also????
this next  is  from the guy from scotland-- he sent me 2 videos of trying to train his dane.....i had a few suggestons ... first  being  you don't start a training session by doing something the dog hates.. like putting on a "gentle leader..."  they aren't gentle-- dogs hate them- and a properly trained dog does not need one...proof?  watch 48 pound bella who sometimes doesn't even have her 18 inch leash in her hand.-- which was another comment-- a training leash is not 6' long ---- 18 " works just fine... a SD  should not be more than  12" from your knee  anyway...-- and if yo do fall , teh 18"  on a dane will not drag around on the ground.
i did send that training article which i did for adi.. ( and they  didn't publish it yet?)
 Hi Carlene 
I have read your training article five times! This makes anything else I have read look like hard faced bullshlt. Your method builds trust bond loyalty and all done without force the dogs are using their brains they are working through enjoyment it's bloody amazing I love it!! Have you written anymore articles? 

yes---- 10 years of daily doggies... it is all there somewhere