Saturday, July 23, 2016

july 23,2016
experience comes from bad experience...-- and it is the little things  that can pile up...maybe it is the farmer in me...but.....this morninfg  as i approached the coffee pot, i noticed the blender/grinderupper that was used to bed goats milk and puppy chow had not been set to soak.
let me be the first to tell you, if you need a small quantity of cememt, try puppy food and goats milk- and it takes a long soak in hot water to loosen it.
let me set the scene...puppies wake up , hungery-- and complaininig about faster service--- you run to the kitchen and teh blender is  coated in teh cement of the  last meal-- you give it a good try of  water and a rinse- and figure ... "i an putting in it what is already stuck to it so why not?"
  it looks normal... so you feed the pups-- they love it--  and go back to playing bitey face, processing a nice bowel movement  and then napping..
couple hours later  they get up and don't  have a bowel movement, they just  noisily "let it go."... preferably walking thru it before getting back in what was a nice clean fluffy....that is the beginning of the end of cuddling beautiful  pups....they don't understand why no one gives thme the loving attention anymore-- and decide people are not friendly things.

so maybe i exagerate---- just a point being.. milk is a wonderful culture media or growing germs  second only to mayonase in the hot sun...( i think).  and attention to the one detail of putting the blender to soak in hot soapy water-- can have it's consequences  down the road where some mystery symptom  will develope ( loose stool) and a you would pay dearly to  test for all sorts of wild latin named things--- when it fact it was  just plain sloppy living. 
so i make rules as i see things... and grace prints a sign-- and we end up with a colorful collection of do's and don'ts on every  vertical surface on the farm.

going back  to the basic problem... everyone wants to pat  puppies-- i get volunteer offers all the time  to walk dogs and  babysit puppies. hardly ever do i get offers to scrub blenders...mind you .. i  can'r say NEVER.

i remember ...( here we go again...) back when the cameras were new,  someone appeared at the front door with bucket and mop  and said  it looked like i could use a hand-- of course i said yes--- why would i say anything else?
the other  up-piling   that needs to be addressed.... we moved theresa/ now linda into the side room to get her awy from all the distractions of teh front door.  how foolish-- with 2 recliner chairs, a tv and a bunch of puppies... where do you think people now gather?   it ain't out with me on a hard bench....  until today...  donna has uncovered the bench right there by the front door... and unless your name is grace or pam  there is no reason for you to be perched  in a recliner---  back to--- this is no   spa...  from 7 to 7 we will observe working hours. and all  coffee drinking -perching will be done on the hard bench...
cameras are a thig of beauty..  we have  some adjusting to do yet... like get the donkeys on line somehow..  but that i s a california  kind of thing.  the variety of comments about the sound have to be the individual camera people and their computers..  whe people tell me they can hear when i sit by the fireplace and the next person says i have to be within a foot of the mike... it has to be your computers....
i did get this report...
TINA  speaks the language of the chinese  ordering departments and i am happy to report what looks  like what i would call a perfect service dane harness-- with 2 pouches-- one to accomodate the 3 x 6 poo pickers vertically- the other the pokerchips and credit cards.
 the sample one is  on it's way---and the minimum order will be more than i could eve rus e in my lifetime !!  so tina is in the harness business...
got to admire this guy "moon" whoevere he  is-- his emails are prompt, business like and resulting sample  mailed  with in hours of my sending the drawing.
maybe it is not cheap labor, but more efficient business practice. 
i have made  the same suggestions to  another USA harness making company - about 4  months ago and still have not heard from them.
remember i was impressed with the entire chinese process when i was needing  bouncy balls of a specific size for the monkey fists i mke????
tipi is cholorox washed... for lac of an extension cord, we used the portable generator-- worked fine.( we now have a permant instant on generator in both the house and barn...)
next electrical problem to address is to replace the wiring inside the walls of the whole  laundry building with mouse proof...
they made  those wires out of recycled cheese  and teh mice are thriving on them

 and so it goes...