Friday, July 29, 2016

july 29 2016
quick doggie....
i got sidetracked trying to find 2" clear plastic  flexable tubing-- i did find some-- but i can't believe the price of $6 per foot only sold in  5' -10' legnths...  i was trying to fined a clearence section..  for some nutty professor experiments ..  i havesome interesting concepts people have sent me  and i need to try them first...-- altho that might ruin all the fun.

i kept running into watts - and that name rings a bell- a high school friend had somethign to do with watts... and fluid mnagement-- maybe i can get a consult on this nutty prof idea...

dawn points out-- her 4th? grade class cllasss ( who watch us in denver) 
are all new this year   and will not have seen the old ones before...

which made me go looki up the guy who can build stonehege single handedly
so i watched that and   time flew....

Hi Carlene and all the Volunteers. I hope that you are having a good summer.
Fiona was 7 last Saturday and we went to a Blueberry festival.She was a big star. We didn't stay long because it was so hot. I have a bottle with a water catch on the bottom and she slurps from that. I was surprised at the dogs there without one. She is just great and my love. Love you all, for all you do.
Fiona and Mary Lou
gronk and bella story

What an awesome day. It was very hot out that's for sure. Sitting in the sun when it is almost 100 can take a toll. I don't know how these guys play in it but they did. We did go find a shady spot a couple times for Bella and George. We brought lots of water in the cooler. Everyone was drinking it. It was a very 

early morning. We left the house just before 6 am! If we didn't leave then the traffic would have been miserable. We arrived at Gillette stadium and there was already a line at about 7. They opened the gates at 8:30. And boy does everyone run! The mob of people running was a bit scary! Gabi took off 

running right along with everyone. She was able to get us seats in the handicap section. We sat in front row and had a blast watching everyone play. Just before it ended we were told it would be best if we moved off to the side because there is a mob that comes crashing down to the ropes in hopes of 

autographs. So we moved way off to the side. Gronk came over and said hi. He looked pretty amazed at the size of George. We thought he was big! Then Chris Hogan came over to say hi. He has 2 Great Danes at home so wanted to meet Bella and George. He was a cool guy. Bella and Chris were 

comparing the size of DANES. She told him how George helps her and then all the sudden it dawned on him that they were the 2 from the news story last year! Chris signed his gloves and gave them to Bella. That was a pretty amazing gift. Bella has carried them around all day. She hopes to meet him again. 

but waiting to find out. I haven't told the girls just in case it doesn't work out. Gabi was hoping to get Edleman's autograph but not today. Bella thinks George should be the new Patriots mascot so she can go to more games. Bella and Gabi had shirts signed and George had his best signed! Now he may 

need to put that one away until next time. Great day but very tired and ready for bed. Have a wonderful night. Love Bella and George 👧🐶💕

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