Saturday, July 30, 2016

july 30 2016
you all know  i am psychologically opposed to facebook-- i think it is hazardess to your health... however....
 i got this message  - and  with great fear, i went "out" to facebook and typed in my name and found the vido of last night's mailcall.
the unexpected package of a mannequin... in pieces  was filmed by lee -- my 2 relatives  -- identical twin boys from arlington va.... never been to mail call before but pitched right in at assembling a female mannequin... as various parts fell off and rolled around, it was a funny episode.  i assume you can go and look at it.. unless i have to do something  to make it available... let me know... by email...
and after that video--- is a really great one of the arrival and birth of the donkey  "pockets"    -- this heather-- a camera  person in "nova scotia? does a fantastic job with all these videos she puts together   her video of pockets first week is a delightful "show."
If you need a break from watching the fiasco which is the GOP convention, check this out, it is 15 minutes of beauty and joy.
Many of you have listened to me talking about the Service Dog Project and the marvelous Danes they raise to become service dogs, they also do equine rescue, via the daughter of the SDP founder, Carlene White. The good works these womyn do is amazing, and it helps knowing that the whole world is not insane, there is life outside of politics. Feel free to pass this on, everybody deserves to feel happy for a while, and this video will do it.


....donkeys are such fantastic animals- unfortunately they look like horses, but are actually more like dogs in personalities...if you know nothing else about donkeys, know that  the reputation they have for being stubborn comes from them being careful when frightened... particularly of their footing...  when i drove that "hitch " of 8 mini's like the budweisers in dozens of big parades, they never once put a foot on a metal  manhole or water main cover.. consequently  unlike  teh budweisers who always walked a perfectly straight line,  we just didn't-- and i can tell you  framingham mass has more water main covers in it's town square than any other in the world !!  the crowd- who did not understand donkeys could not figure out why  our path was so was amazing we got thru it the first year.
these "wild"   donkeys out of the slaughter pens in texas make such good pets.. they quiet down very nicely, and my only advice is to use a frying pan to "hand feed" them til they learn not to grab  a finger by mistake.
today's job -- for the twins is to move the tipi to it's usual placce near the g "g-tent"  so they should be on the puppy hill camera if the camera op turns it around..  they have r gladys laubin's book on "the indian tipi"  which has directions .. and tells you    a good indian woman can set up her tipi in an hour...  
let us pray ....
also from bella and george's facebook page i am told....

A full day of play dates for everyone! Our friend Hunter came over this morning to spend the day with us. Bella and hunter have always gotten along so well together. We drove to our friend the Morriseys house so Bella and Hunter could play with Kaitlin and Simon. But that also means George got to play with his friend Echo. They get along so well. The one thing is George is much faster. Echos mom says it's because George is in better shape. Could be but who knows. George just enjoyed running around. We also discovered he loves to chomp on ice cubes. It must have tasted good after running and playing outside. George also found a pile of sand, dug a hole and stuck his face in it! Needless to say when he was done rolling and digging in the mud he needed a hose down. Then we came home and Bella and Kaitlin are having a sleepover. I am actually taking the girls and George out to the camper for the night. Should be exciting. I think this will be Georges first sleep over in the camper!
 So off to head outside with the girls. Thanks for checking in!