Saturday, July 9, 2016

july 9 2016
it is a new world.-- and i am not sure about it.  there is so much available that  the tendency to wander off some cliff is imminent 
todays cliff in point-- 
 i have not yet been happy about any harness i have owned- including several very expensive leather ones that i can't even find any more....
so the cliff i am wandering off.... is  ----  i found a harness  that is nearly what i would like--but would need some changes...
it has to be comfortable for the dog... i like the planet dog ones for that reason... but it gets complicated to try and make them the real working harness becasue you can't get  patches or id's on them.....or have them carry anything.. like poo pickers emergency equipment.-- so i redesigned a vest...-- for a dane of any size ( long girth)  that   have a 4 x 7 pouch can hold our 3 x 6  oo pickers vertically
clipped to either side-- and a smaller  id/credit card holder  on the other...  etc...--
i contacted the  catalog  with a perfectly englishy name and got a response from a very nice person  
 Moon Zhana  who quoted me a  price  Exw Guangzhou. 2016年7月8日(星期五) 19:14 7.5 300
deciphering that  is the problem... 
as we go b ack and forth  it sounds like a sample model would be $50 and aftetr that i would have to order somewhere between 50 and 300-- as yet to figure out...  and also what that Exw involves... i think it involves  the shipping containers like the one that stores the purina food.... which reminds me of a song " on a slow boat to china" 

the question always many do we have to sell to break even..  like the calendars...and the rest we can pile up in the overflow room.... and is this a "we" purchase or an    "i" purchase.. --- i don't mind making it  my whacko idea and to suffer with the consequences of a  boatload of ahrnesses  i have paid for....--  but if they are good and we/i can sell them,  i don't want every one to decide i am makeing a profit that is really sdp's. no way do i think we should risk any fun money on this deal..   "the board" would never approve.....
i really want a new harness for bentley-  a lot more user friendly...  and i know rose doggie could design  things like a "windbreaker" for this harness- along with a few other add-ons..
well that is todays far....
and then the big news    
Hello Carlene,
I will be installing the equipment for the new web cams at your facility.
The dates that work best for me are 7/19 - 7/21. I plan on being onsite around 10:00 am on the 19th.
Could you confirm these dates are ok?
Also nest week I will be shipping the equipment view fedex freight, are there any special instructions I would need to provide to the driver for delivery?
If you have any questions fell free to give me a call or email me.
Have a great weekend!

Hi Carlene,

Well, here is not-so-great news:  I ended up falling and breaking my ankle Wednesday night.  Clark caught me when I started falling, but then I stepped wrong again and my foot rolled under me.  We went to get it checked out, and there is a fracture.  The only other time I've broken a bone was when I was 4, so I think it hurt my pride as much as my foot. :)

 Clark was great, though he knew I was hurt and didn't like people trying to look at my foot.  As soon as I sat down on the hospital bed, he climbed right up next to me.  No one said that he couldn't be up there, so that's where he stayed until I went home.  I think it helped both of us feel better.

We've been doing pretty well so far at home.  Clark has been helping me get up and down.  When I sit up from bed, he comes right over to help without me saying anything!  It's presented opportunities to be creative about how to take care of each other, that's for sure.  Hopefully I am on the road to recovery and will get back on my feet quickly.
Hope all is well at SDP.--- caroline

CARLENE - I work at a place where there are a lot of bigwigs that are constantly running to meetings. Their secretaries have taken to writing their appointments on cards that fit into their shirt pockets. During meetings, these guys will pull out their cards to see where they are supposed to be and when next. They even will write down new meetings has they are scheduled and give them back to the secretaries at the end of the day to add to their schedules. And yes every single one of them has ALL of the technical gadgets available, but those cards are the things that keep them organized.

love it !!!!   daughter gwen take note???
this may have gone viral  without me... but....somebody sent----
We had a little brightness shine at the Anoka County Sheriff's Office today in what has been a very dark week of events. A family dropped off a bunch of "Survival Kits for Police" to show their appreciation of the staff here at the Sheriff's Office. The text of the label reads

 "Survival Kit for Police.
 Life Savers: To remind you of the times you've been one.
 StarBurst: For the burst of energy you'll need. 
Payday: Because you're not doing it for the money.
 Paper Clips: To help hold it all together. 
Hershey Kisses: Because you deserve them from all. 
Gum: To help your unit stick together. 
tootsie Rolls: To help you roll with the punches. 
Peppermint Patty: To help you keep your cool. 
Snickers: To remind you to keep your sense of humor. 
Mounds: for the mound of thanks you deserve. 
This simple act of kindness means more to us than you can imagine. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
that has possibilities good project for a  scout troop or church group...  
not impossible  especially since i just ordered a big box of  brown necco wafers for my sister and have an account with 
Bulk Candy Store Shipments 

you would have to deliver it in a see thru plastic bag or they might think it an explosive...