Thursday, August 18, 2016

 a week ago ..  when i was younger, i thought a monopoly type game of life would be interesting...  now that i have aged.... i think maybe an  INTRODUCTION TO AGING  might be more in line.  we could start .. thusly.....the first hour of the day......

waking up at a normal time... take your eyeglasses and dip them in olive oil and don't wipe off just let it drip in your field of vision.. 
put on your slippers which you have lined with sharp crushed rocks and waddle off to sit in the shower. 
once dry ---you stuff cotton in your ears as  tightly as you can -- obliterating 50% of whatever people might say to you... and  - replace your  "i have fallen and i can't get up " necklace... and go get dressed..

first putting on your daily diaper   before your clothing-- then taking a normal  uncovered,  cup of coffee  ¾ full of coffee and wedge it  into your clothing just below your waistband..    after which you must  be careful to move in a controlled fashion so as not to spill it.--- slip on your shoes which are  no longer lined with sharp edged rocks, but are full of rounded pebbles.
check the piece of paper tha t sits next to the bed reminding you that once dressed you r next job is to  get yourself over to the computer and  hope most the olive oil has dripped off your glasses so you might be able to read  some of the screen where the incomeing emails might give you a clue as to what   you are supposed to do with the rest of the day.

and that is just the start.
i won't yet talk about    "the driving of a car"   -or why people over 75 should wear an "L" plate.--

so what is an "L" plate???  when i was in britain- and it might still be true ---  a person learnign to drive was  supposed to attach a clip on plste with a big red  "L" on it  to let drivers know thiis person had a  Learner permit..
those "L" plates were used alot in british humor-- like  driving erattically because i am "LOST"  or aging people wiht "LESS" of alot of things...
 all the way to  not putting a string of cans behind a newly wed's car-- but an  "L" plate.---   modern customs eliminated the need for that one.
THE BUILDING HAS PROGRESSED Tramendously,,,  we had a masterson construction truck parked here for several hours..  there didn't seem to ba a driver  but  that  truck certainly looked wonderful.
which brings up the placing of one cement block on top of another... driving around with bentlye in his new harness... looking  spiffy-- i went to the local tech school-- and yes they do have a community project program where the instructor teaches kids how to put one block on anothere....  
we certainly have a perfect project  20 x 30 building without  complications... except insulated concrete blocks...
the builind is without complications  but the  paperwork might be the killer...  because of this olive oil all over my glasses i have not tried to read teh 2 pafes of small print  with words like "district school committee"  but thn i realied-- we have alot of volunteers-- especailly coming for dogfest  -- so  mostly we  need someone who knows aabout putting one block on another- sounds easy but there is a horrizontal rebar in the archtct's plans and i bet there is some offical &^*()&^*() proceedure  that the building inspector demands....  which then made me think... if he is  teh expert to pick out someting wrong,, then why caan't he-- as someone already paid by me with my taxes.. come show ius how to do theis  correctly/
justan idea
...  the instructor at teh school might be better....
and then i drove my toyota to toyota central in danvers--  had with me my curiosity magnet  "bentley"  and sure enough i was not in the showroom more than 30 seconds whan the cameras came out and crowd gathered...--i finally got the right person and said blankly "we have a wonderful highlander- it is doing a perfect job for us"  
he asked" so what is the problem?"  i simply said  "we need another."...  and after a slight pause  "donated" 
after a long series of "no's" he went away to look at "something"   and said he would "get  backto me"
we had used words like "physical appearnece"  and "auto auction".
and that is where that rests...
problen is the  smaller van died a  suddon death- so we need a vehicle...
now for the most exciting news...
steve #3 (steve #2 = meat cutting steve -- and steve#1 lives in ny)  came up with a brilliant idea.. feeding the dogs  1 hour later might make then less active  so early.
so we fed them at 4:30pm  and the "barking log"  shows the results were  great and the  wake up seemed to be an hour later... 5:45am-  ish  
we used to feed at 4:30pm and because of daylight and things like that   it crept earlier and earlier...    but it looks like steve has teh right idea..

experience is tough to beat...

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