Monday, August 1, 2016

AUG 1 2016

i have had it !  whatever  " IT "   is...---- august  1st  and i still do not have a building permit in my hands.-- all laws have been passed.. there is no reason for  him not to issue a permit now... today..
my great instinct is  play the little old lady game and   go and offer to sit in the town hall and wait...go with water bottles, a blanket and pillow and sit and wait.  and call tv news...
 history ? after i had an arena collapse  2008ish... i needed a "remodeling permit" and i did not choose the building inspectors preferred contractor  but choose the clearspan which now stands there--the building inspector (BI) at that time told me....  i quote...   "you are out of your  league you are  only a woman"  then slapped me with a $27,000 mandatory soil compaction test- for a building that would go UP not down.  I WAS BAILED OUT BY FRIENDLY NEIGHBOrs who  donated  $20k if i promised not to put up a cell tower and not to disturb the  hill next to the new parking area...  i always wondered in who's pocket that $27,000 landed.
i have played the BI's  dance for  months-- party is over... if i don't get it today  we need to call out the troops.
the complaint of the neighbors has nothing to do with the building... they re upset that i want to use my other driveway- or the fact that they moved next to an operating  farm.. and farmers ( me) get up and start work at 5am.
one of the CP's  is keep ing a log-- and in the past 10 days we have had  short barking episodes  because  of  helicopter, raccoon., neighbor banging car doors and killing of a guinnea hen (?owl?)- these are not noisy dogs... left alone-- they sleep-
however...moving on.....
.. twan made a good video of the tipi  episode.... the tipi got moved-- thanks to will and  ward... and tanner... who now occupy the men's dorm over the laundry.. i lost track of what joys are in store for WWT to do today, but i will think of something-- maybe walk up and down outside town hall with sandwich signs on their shoulders...

it was decided august 9th was opals first due date... so sandy is keeping her til thrusday- when she will come here
she is huge... to put i mildly... and she was not underweight to begin with...
next big know i have been looking for a black/mantle stud to roundd out our gene pool...i guess i was waiting for goldie ( ghost of the lefthand drawer) to solve it... because becky---( of jade fame)  somehow met a woman in florida who is willing to donate a black male out of european parents-- and furthermore- becky can bring it to middleboro mass... next week...
it is certainly one of those goldie things... which i have learned not to ignore. it is certainly worth a try--- and if we can't use him, i can find him a working  home somewhere.... it is a serious thing to introduce new genes... we are doing really well so far...  but... goldie has a great record of success... (aka  dumb luck).
pockets meanwhile  has managed to terrify at least tumbler by chasing her...-- we had maude and pockets free most of the sunday stew time.. an d they were pretTy good... AND WERE FUN TO WATCH.... pockets is fresh... and must learn not to  try and taste people inadvertanly-- she doesn't mean to bite... but her nibble can pinch... so don't let her even start..  and when walking a dog thru the yard on a leash you must carry a whiffle bat-- and wonk her nearest body part if she comes anywhere  near a dog.
you do not have time to say "please"   better that she learn not to go near dogs. and .. as with the dogs...if you have to bean her once... just keep walking naturally so she can think about it by herself...
speaking of rules...
i meant to mnention it before.. we have a rule that if you are going  into the freezer for beef/whatever... that you have a buddy- stay outside... there is an emergency latch inside... but that freezer is cold and could be deadly--  being a student of murphy's law.."whatever man has made... God will break" --i saw several people ignore my law and go in there alone.. proping the door open... - i don't care ...i said buddy system  and  i mean it.

i also mean -- we have a time clock-- and punching in and out is mandatory-- sdp is paying for your time-- and that does not mean standing around waiting for 5pm doing nothing-- you can always sweep floors brush dogs something..  i  ( sdp) have a responsibility to the donors of money- to not waste money... and .... that includes volunteers talking to staff-- standing around a very small bit is fine... but great conflabs of people discussing the number of angels on the head of a pin.... is too expensive for sdp's budget...  talking while working is preferred. 
BIG NOTE....i think everyone does this anyway,----- but when you buy a brick it is nice to go out on the wall and be sure it gets posted out there... and if it does not,,, send me an email right away...  we are changing the way memsic reports to me so we can be more efficient  and use  less paper...... and i want to be sure it is working correctly... WHENEVER YOU CHANGE ANYTHING WITH A COMPUTER, IT PAYS TO  GO THRU A DE-BUGGING  PROCESS...  YOU ATTENTION TO THIS WOULD BE HELPFUL ...

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