Thursday, August 11, 2016

AUG 11 2016

the trouble with all you young people is, you haven't been 78 yet.   hope i am around to see all of you at this age struggle with the prioritization of facts that are variable.
we have a permit to pour ------a foundation only...   oh great..

?  fool me once shame on you .. fool me twice shame on me.. so what about 3 times?????  OR   once bitten twice shy, and i am on my third building inspector...(BI).
in my BI  memory file  there is a jim,tony,val   luckliy in alphabetic order...
frpm jim  i was told  "a building permit is not permanent. if i don't like what you do i have 8 years to  change my mind and make you take it down."-- he did invalidate a building permit for the arena when he found i was not using a contractor he suggested..  i don't mean to suggest anything improper at all... and if you believe that , i have a bridge in brooklyn i would like to sell you....and he went on from there...

looking at this from the top down....if that is true, why do i... at 78 .. need a permit anyway-- build the darn thing and  at the rate this "official" business goes i can let someone else argue with them.
BI #2  tony-- it is reported in the news-- was escorted out of town hall last week...-- on administrative leave--
BI #3 seems nice enough-- but they all do to start.. so i have no faith. 

i know----  the town  put in building inspectors to protect the land owner from unscrupulous tradesmen-- but they neglected to protect from the people to whom they have given authority. ? a national problem? 

Things i do know,  i have faith  that jeff ( the guy with the big machines and concrete handling friends-) has far more experience and  ethics than anyone i have dealt with in the town  hall yet.  and so does his father...
just look at the job... give an estimate.. do the job.. cash the check.... not that complicated  
since january first?????

donna and mora-- two of my most pleasent volunteers- went down to pick up the permit and both agreed that  the woman who gave them the piece of paper should hang a sign saying "beware of the secretary" .  she apparently was not even civil..
and i have to  cage that-- if she is trying to deal with her boss being changed very "abruptly" she may have her hands full..-- except i think i remember her from 3  BI inspectors ago -- which is why i sent  donna and mora...

i could write a year long sitcom about the town hall of ipswich.... -
..."all in the town hall family"  with it's authority gone awry.  

 i am also on  my 4th or 5th  ipswich  dog officer -- animal control officer---meg-  seems like her head is on straight  ...  she met with the partridxxxxxx ( developement next door) and  reported she thought the  details of my letter were pleasently recieved  and maybe they would come over to sunday stew..  that would be wonderful....

it just occurs to me-- their fear is that  with the new building i would have many more dogs than i now have.. looking at the past 10 years of accreditation... i have no more dogs, but  the trippling of staff  caused a traffic  with the  tractor trailer trucks up the driveway delivering cartons of paper. and long rectangle red signs to hang pointing to red cylindars indicating they are  fire extinguishers and not salad spinners.

all this has not wrecked the quality of the dogs we are putting out.
but it is a struggle.

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