Saturday, August 13, 2016

aug 13 2016

late last night i got the message that explore was not getting any signal fromt eh donkey camera... so i will go t check that first thing....  or maybe joyce will   would be even better....
.i watched a CNN bit last night on pitching new ideas-- and the topic was uber..
how a pitcher must be enthusiastic and preferably on their feet while pitching....  the concept was interesting  and the pitch worked-  uber has it.---- so  i tried to enter the new world of tech..  at 2am...
  .  from the pitch i was told.....
you go to your computer to sign up
get a "thingie" on your cell phone
poke one button and 
a nice person in a car with no dents will arrive at your door.
and you don't have to pay them money.

seeing as it was 2am, i was hesitant to push any buttons after i gave my name and address..
there seemed to be a "beater car" with other people was the cheap offering
on  up to a black uniformed driver etc....

from registering a person   and all the  card information--to gps your location- mapping the route- estimating pick up time  from cars in the area,  calculating the cost, it was an  interesting intertwining of technologies...

one concept  interested me - among other things was they suggested you could  rent a car and drive all day , and you would still make money.

i have always been interested in   what could i do to make money if i landed in a situation of  being in a strange town  with no visable means of support.- like  standing in a long line-- and then selling my spot to someone who has more money than time was always a possibility.. like the insurance runners who just carry papers to the registry- that might  involve a car...
there was a guy at the entrance to the tunnels in boston who carried 2 tanks on his back- regular or decaf- and had milk,sugar,cups sweetner- on his person....and you held your cup out the window with a dollar. he had a huge business.

from those kind of concepts i always meant to make a million dollars  by  figuring out a monopoly board" life"  game  of rolling the dice and those cards in the middle with good and bad  real life problems things 
you broke your glasses 
you won a car
got arrested for loitering
found a mcdonalds gift certificate
slept thru court appearence
found a steam vent
new house in the suburbs
or go to jail  do not pass go
things like that...

it could be done--just another one of those wierd ideas i will never get around to doing.
BACK to me and uber....
all i did was sign up- not sure what for, but i  now live in fear that that phone of mine now has a new option  along with butt dialing- it can call uber.
then for nightime news  entertainment was mr trump- he must have a huge staff of creative  people to think up  controversial things to say to get free news coverage---
i did hear something.... did i hear correctly that he  went to new york military acadamy?  ( not to be confused with west point)  that was right down the road (9w) from where i lived in cornwall ny...  i knew a guy who went there back in the 1950's .   it was one of those "maybe the military atmosphere will control him" situations...  
i also wonder  why anyone would want to be president when  so many get shot at... i forget... was it 10 out of 44?
steve ( meatcutter steve) was here over night so is here first thing... i have no idea what is in store for the day....
wellllllll.... we will get to see what the new pup has in his stool today because megan gave him all wormer last night
and won't that be exciting????


  1. I am new to your site and just discovered this page. I love people who make me laugh! Will enjoy these blogs in days to come. Have a good nite.

  2. I am new to your site and just discovered this page. I love people who make me laugh! Will enjoy these blogs in days to come. Have a good nite.