Sunday, August 14, 2016

aug 14 2016

donkey camera is on.. a few adjustments to make-- more nighttime lighting  or camera lens  diddling...whatever... there are 6 donkeys--- one prego... and i think   the prego one has a stone bruise or something  ?left front?   or right rear?-- sometimes it is hard to tell which  one...the noise is because janine is trying to wean the smaller baby  who is on the other side of the fence with teh grey donk.
TINA- is dealing with the harness coming from china. it looks great..  now if bentley would get over his upset tummy   maybe i could use it...   it really will be for dane size dogs-- and we will have some for sale..  red and some other color i thought was teal... but mr moon called it blue so i said whatever...... we will see what happens..

the pouches will nicely hold the poo pickers and a small packet of purell wipes on one side and credit cards (and poker chips )  non the other.  it  will have rings for attaching other 'stuff" but the basics are there.
i see george has new "saddlebags" to carry bella's books- he shouldn't mind at all.  i don't know the size of the bulk of 300 harnesses....  but the physical size of things is getting to be a  concern around here.
speaking of overload..... to wash the floor can cause teh phone to ring---how say you?  .....we have determined you can not use the hot steamer floor washer when the a/c is on--  it blows the fuse--- stops th e cameras --which  we then  need to reboot..... the cameras involve passwords----  which involves memory--it even involves memory as to where i wrote it down  knowing i would forget...
there is no end to that loop.... add to it  the fact that  i keep looking the same place for it , not knowing i already looked there 10 minutes ago... it is that memory thing-- tho some people say insanity comes in there somewhere...
couple that with nodding off if nothing exciting is going on because you have gone deaf and cant hear  what the conversation was anyway.

how bad is it??? here is a thing i noticed first--- try counting from 1 to 100 and do it by this semi normal way 1 to 10 ,123..789 20,123..789 30,123..789 40  and at some point do   you not know if you are at 30 or 40.. especially if you are trying to do something else at the same time.
you get to the point you don't care if your sox don't match-- i think of  my mother - a well educated woman  -- born 1904 -- a  vassar graduate-- spend hours holding up  sox to the window saying "are these both blue- or is one black..."  she was trained to be horrified that her husband be out in public with sox that didn't match only if he had his feet in the window. she tried...  (she even taught me  how to iron a mans white shirt ). 
this was back in the days of cars without airconditionning or power steering  !!!
i don't know how the g-tent got so unorganized-- so that is the main cause today.. and  if we have enough kids,   having the pups down there  with us-- and the gate shut...
supposed to be light rain...  that should work... not blistering hot...
might try mixing with chandler...

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  1. Even teens don't wear sox that match these days. They sell them unmatched.