Monday, August 15, 2016

aug 15 2016

technology....i "joined" some UPS thing one  day as i sat on "hold" for something else...and it is not lets me know when something is shipped, due to arrive in some 4 hour window  , and arrived at exactly what time... couple that with the button one pushes on amazon  for paying with paypal,and tech wins every time...  most of the time it is lovely.... but... twice now someone has had sdp address on file with amazon and sent stuff here in error--and once the error was on a reorder in  six weeks... took us a while to figure out what was happening.  and  repairing paypal and several bank accounts.. one wrong button and it can involve 12 overlapping computer systems

i know the potential for screwups is always in the wings...but apply that to uber's overlapping systems and my phone in a back pocket randomly ordering  cars to go places i have never heard of.
it frightens me.
another age related thing  i never expected-- per my last dr apt.... i should eat slippery things- with a chaser that is far less interesting than  the chaser i used to know.
then there is  food from sunday stew which is now breakfast.. bow tie pasta, chicken cubes, grapes,manderin oranges  pnapple, cellary mixed up with  coleslaw dressing.. very good- and slippery...
now it is about the cameras--  mostly sleepiing and dosing while on camera... which is fine-- but as we sleep we are unaware that... clothing gets readjusted
uncovering parts best left covered... leaving camera people  with the dilemma of to call or not to call... that is the question...
we strive for a very modest dress code anyway-- but angles are angles-- so be careful where you sleep...
camera mark got some good pictures of the author  pups yesterday of course with the names in"books".. his wife barbara is very clever...
i continue to be impressed with the efficiency of moon whoever he is---  with our harness ordering...i remember i was impressed with teh effeciency of the chinese system when i was looking for  rubber balls exactly 30 cm... 

which made me wonder if all this was done on the phone, do the chinese people have  hold buttons?  i would almost bet they don't...  they are consumer oriented big time.
moon's daily "is there anything i can help you with"  is just to the level of helpful reminder and not the annoying kind like the  email i keep getting about how my security system is in need of updating by them. 
bailey spent time in the t tent yesterday she explained several things to me...
se wanted an umbrella to shade her.   her paws are tender and she wants to walk only on the grass... and ice cubes on a hot day are fun to play with...
so we need to keep her wagon ready to go so she doesn't have to walk on the hot top...
next idiot thing--- we bought  ice cubes yesterday-- and we have the worlds greatest walkin freezer... can we not get a clean bucket  with water put in there once a day to keep the cooler drinks nice???
Another great night with Wilbur. He was so happy when I came down to the barn to get him and popped right into the back of the car as it was opend and backed up to the barn. he is so good in the car, goes right to sleep.
I am not a light sleeper but in the middle of the night he pushes his lips on my face and I wake up enough to rub his face and tell him to go back to sleep. He minds so well. 
We were up at 5 to ride to the airport and he is more than willing to go. We were gone all day and when we returned I was gone to the market for 20 min and I am told he cried the whole time, going from front to back door, up to the second floor and looking out every window. Wow! what a bad mom.
He is a great dog and the upbringing shows.