Saturday, August 20, 2016

AUG 20 2016

george (dvm george) convinced me to rid myself of annoying things- after thinking for at least 4 seconds - i would like to announcei  to the world   will no longer even carry my &**&^%&* phone .- it is the most useful thing to megan  and the most damaging thing to me..  therefore the most infuriating thing for me to watch her ask her phone something -- and have it perform perfectly...
let me just give one example--- word for word
it was teh 19th... and i had a lovely costco cake to give to the georgetown fire department - when i got there the big engines were sitting there n the yard.  but ambu gone.....- so i figured  someone must be there... i drove  into  one of the bays and tapped my horn... nothing... so i backed out and decided to call them to come out and pick up the cake...

this starts the bad part....i picked up my phone... not wanting to call 911, i dialed 411 for information-- machine asked state and town-- i responded mass and georgetown- then it asked for business or individual- i responded fire department.....after a brief pause .. it started in  "dial one for lawrence - 2 for boston-- 3 for peabody--- 4 for newburyport-  it was still rattling on -- my house could have been burning down  while it went thru all  the towns in mass...when the ambulance returned and i was able to give them the cake...
nobody here at sdp has ever had that happen to them-- but that kind of thing happens  to me..all the time... ? over performance is often the basic problem.?  
i just plain quit.

back at the office a helpful intern says "let me help you, and show you the easy app"-- and she had one on her phone-- she has absolutely no idea- of the depth of the problem....- i can not even pick up my pnone-- it has a bunch of buttons on the side that do all kinds of things if i even pick it up...if i pick it up front to back, by the time  i turn it around right side up, it has twisted teh image the other way  and is giving me a weather report for fairbanks alaska... - along with my rear end pre programming things in my back pocket.
so it is  plugged in my car and it will stay there... where it sometimss answers a phonecall when it is not playing the AVA MARIA  thru the radio. it is very strong willed.

i did ask if i cold have an old flip phone - the verizon person  quickly said "you can't"  and then " you probably have a contract  and have to wait to be upgraded"  so i asked if i smashed the damnthing with a hammer if i then could have a flip phone.-- she didn't answer. --- however... to get a flip phone- would not erase all my phone problems-- it would be like banging myhead on a pillow instead of banging on a wall...  still a problem
 heck i lived for many  years without  carrying around a black electronic thing to dominate my existance..  

i feel the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.  no more
where did i leave my phone?
where is a charger?
is it the right charger -- or the one nearly right...i.e. wrong?
has it been fed  lately ( plugged in)?
if i turn it on will it tell me  i need a password
 and then tell me i am not carlene

it does have in it's treacherous mind, a bunch of critical phone numbers...  i am going to ask someone to type them out on paper and put them in my desk drawer.- i bet there si a way to plug it inb to my computer and download them, except i don't want to have that ^&*()*&^% phone telling my computer to forget my name eithre.
 the g tent looks beautiful-- usefull an d clean...   we ( ryan and bob) cut a hole in the side so you can go from camera mark's grilling area to the tables in the g tent.../
hopefully all next week we can sitthere and watch the building startt...
 which is the next problem ... how to set one omni block on top  of another  -- along with when do i need to order them from the outfit  in maine-- in a tinme when they coudl deliver  them when masterson is here withthe big tractors to unload them-- ours just couldn't ..
one of these snails is a screamer-- big time--- i cannot tell if teh wrong one is the screamer or screameee... one is awful !
Carlene - another fun day for Milt and I at the Cottleville Fire Station of Weldon Spring, MO. 
CAKE DELIVERED and they were waiting for us!  It always feels so good to be welcomed. I think we have met all the firemen of this station and some from other stations too....and those from other stations have decided they might be asking for a transfer. As we were leaving, Ben said that he saw us coming into the parking lot and told the others, " It's the 19th of the Month, they are here".
Ila Steutermann

 have found the small packets of gummie life savers... but i remember thenormal rolls withonly 5  candies..  anybodyseen them latey?
two other phone related  details...  the normal house /office phone ..0666 does now ring over most of the property and i am carrying one of those in my golf cart...  as for an emergency in the car, i have a "unit"  supplied by the  "i've fallen and i can't get up" company-- size of t cigarette pack... you pusha button and it calls 911 for you and  tells them wherer  you are..  it is in the sunglass holder behind the rear view mirror...
i do live in fear of being stranded in the cold on the highway... i do not do cold well...

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  1. Sometimes my SIRI comes on without me even touching it. I was lecturing one night and all of a sudden here's SIRI talking at me and telling me something. Maybe it's our aura?