Wednesday, August 24, 2016

aug 24 2016
this building department  has caused  is the most  absurd waste of money i have ever been a part of..... they are having to dig up all thouse huge tree stumps we burried in 1978... all the time being worried that the "insoector" will not approve of what type soil is where....  we dug a hole and burried stumps--we are lucky it is only stumps they are digging up... useless fact of the day... a 1000 pound horse down 6 feet does not 100%  go away in 10 years. this mamouth "foundation"   they are preping for is down only 4 feet... let us pray...

i can only think of auntie mame brush with the restrictions of a gated community   ,..."i'm  going to offer this place as  a home for homeless pregnant  unwed mothers" .......and ... "exclusive of what and restricted to whom?"
that broadway show  was back when the words pregnant and unwed just did not go together  at all.
puppy lesson of the day..
the 4 were chewing on each othr in the kitchen-- problem = bored.. so we let them out  behind me for new areas to explore.. and they are being good... sort of... but they went toward the sunroom door and the overnighter tried pushing them away one after another and as quickly as she pushed another took his place..  wrong concept...

i asked her to stamp her feet... hard... and the 2 pups looked at those feet and decided to go somewhere else.
case closed... do not use your muscles to physically move our dogs around... let them figure it out for themselves...  eventually they will be too big anyway...  if she  could add an emphatic "no" to the routine  she would be training .... now get the timing right of "no" a split second before the foot stamp, and you have become a dog trainer big time-- that will last thru their careers..  cause them to think..... shoving them backwards is a lost cause...that  just  makes them think,  "i should have pushed harder"---  and since they will weigh over 150 pounds, that is  going to label them as uncontrolled hopeless dog.
it is not too young-- that is an excuse i find appalling  -- i have heard people with much smaller dogs tell me in great authority "he's only  a year old, you can't expect him to behave perfectly" BS...
i hate to see what that person's kids are like .
people offer me their children -- or more often-- their grand children  with comic regularity.

there was a time  when i told one of my children not to touch the electric  fence wire...  that is in janine's  book....
then as they got older, there was a time when, if i wanted someone to touch the wire to see if  it was working, i had to pay them 25 cents.
( now that they are 50 or more, i am in trouble... inflation being what it has been.) 
we had a lovely time driving to EBSCO yesterday... we came to a road block  with a policeman at either end...  i had  in my car the  carton of life savers a CP had given us...-- so i smiled and handed one to each of the policemen  they laughed and thanked me.. everyone in my car giggled and we all had a lovely time..  all for the passing of 2 rolls of life savers...
that is one good part of aging... you get to be a nutty old person who has possibly abandoned all "normal" sense.
we all laughed at that one.   
tomoorow  i have eye surgery-- so i may not get to a DD ----  tho i don't know why not...
that is another facet of aging... rushing to the " why make the effort" too quickly..  and inertia sets in...big time.

i am guilty.


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