Thursday, August 25, 2016

aug 25 2016

i am up and dressed in my best nurses scrubbs...and minus any coffeeeeeeee... NPO AFTER MIDNIGHT  usually the sign is on the dogs kennels  for thier pre surgery... now it is on my. door
i am due at the hospital at 6:30 so donna is coming here at 6..
 for just my left eye----  they both need it but i didn't want to risk both eyes at once... i have a PHD  in  murphy's law you know....
short doggie...

shannon 47(trainer)  made a very astute observation about  yesterdays dog  training comments......
"If I were about to swing a shovel at someone's head, would he learn most from hearing "Duck!" before, during, or after I swung the shovel? Obviously, before...
SPOT. ON. regarding the timing of "no" THEN the foot stomp! I hope other trainers read that too, that is such critical information. "NO" and foot stomp at the same time is not as effective at all, and foot stomp followed by "NO" is a waste of a good "no".

she is good.....execellent comment  to get across a training lesson.... and  darn it, she and her husband have bought a house in denver---moving in october.. %$^&*()_+

big discussion yesterday with ann  about the fact that soooo mnay people who know one little piece about us, don.t realize the rest....
like....   THE cameras..
the comments under the cameras
the daily doggie
and heaven forbid  MAILCALL !!
so we talked about pulling a list off the chicken brick list and  send them a  brief 'just in case you didn't know......"   

yesterdays dd was sort of generic-- i.e. didn't require much previous knowledge if you wipe out the building ann is writing an introduction to dd.... and we plan to send it out to teh brickers....memsaoic will sort the initial   duplicates and   the constant contact will sort out duplicates with those who alsready get it... so i am told...
so be prepared for strange things in the next week... and there is an unsubscribe note.. which once you have unsubscribed, i can not put you back on -- per constant contact......

we have a very constant readership with those who get it in their  mail-- it is right around 904 individual openings every day..  ann says it is quite addictive-- and goes well with a cuppa coffee  in the morning.-- then shared with over 1700.. +  add in the ones who read it off the web page...another 3-400
it is frighteining.....especially when my head is filled with dribble..
a cp sent 3 rolls of lifesavers -- i will put them to good putting them in somebody's car...we had such a good laugh over handing them out the window to a stonefaced policeman who was totally bored directing traffic around   construction-- he laughed when he saw the lifesavers we had handed him...
how do we get that  concept on the national news?
have at it-- good project for the day....

there was another comment yesterday  worth a chuckle..

george myers had an extra water cooler he said we could have--- i said i would go to his house and pick it up from his porch...
his comment...."good, i will put your name on it  just in case you get here and can't remember what  you were here to pick up "   
he is no spring chicken either.


  1. Ha, ha!! George's (vet) comment made my day start off with a chuckle~
    I am also wondering if the same training principle can be applied to young children - if you catch them about to do something - "NO!" then some kind of noise to get them thinking. Watching my daughter and grandson last week, the no's came afterwards and he just kept doing what she didn't want him to do!

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